Blast from the Past

August 17, 2005

Week of Aug. 14, 1955

Edgar R. Hoover, 5 Wood St., should be lightning shy by now. Last Saturday when lightning hit the electric meter just outside the open door of his home, it spun him around and dazed him for a few moments.

This was the fourth narrow escape that Mr. Hoover has experienced in his lifetime. Last time, he was about to exit his truck when a bolt of lightning struck a pole just above the truck and lifted him off the seat.

This is a busy season for veterinarians. Cats and dogs by the score are being boarded for a week, two weeks, or more while their owners are away on vacation. The animal boarding business is booming to the point that reservations are necessary in many cases if space is to be found for the animals.


The Delmar Inn property on the south side of U.S. Route 40, east of Huyetts, changed owners this week.

Charles Franklin Huggins and wife purchased the property from Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rinehart. The property consists of a main tavern building and a number of double motel cabins in the rear.

Week of Aug. 14, 1980

The Williamsport Town Council last night accepted the resignation of the controversial seven-member Historical District Commission and voted itself the replacement.

Members of the former historical commission resigned Monday because of "personalities as well as misinformation," according to a former member. So, the town council - at the regular meeting held after a public hearing on the eight-month-old commission - decided to keep the HDC functional by filling the existing vacancies themselves.

Cristy Lane, a country singer who has wowed 'em in Nashville, plans to do the same thing to local fans as tonight's grandstand featured performer at the Great Hagerstown Fair.

Tomorrow's featured performer at the fair will be Jeannie C. Riley, famous for her rendition of "Harper Valley PTA."

The 18-mile section of the National Freeway between Hancock and Cumberland will finally tie the Baltimore Port to the Midwest by the most direct road route.

The estimated cost for the 18-mile stretch of highway is $160 million.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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