Illegal immigrant faces additional criminal charges

August 17, 2005|by DON AINES


Additional charges were filed Tuesday against one of two illegal immigrants charged earlier this month with selling forged identity cards, according to Detective William Frisby of the Chambersburg Police Department.

Richard Bravo-Rivera, 35, of 818 S. Fourth St., was charged with 11 misdemeanor counts of identity theft, which were filed with Magisterial District Judge Gary Carter's Office, Frisby said. Bravo-Rivera had been charged Aug. 3 with three felony counts of forgery.

The same investigation resulted in the Aug. 5 arrest of Pablo Olvera-Uribe, 34, of 368 W. Loudon St., on three felony forgery charges. Frisby said additional charges were being prepared against him, as well.


Police had been investigating the sale of forged vehicle insurance cards, alien resident cards, Social Security cards, driver's licenses and birth certificates for about 16 months before the men were arrested. Neither man was an original target of the probe, which Frisby said was believed to involve the sale of documents from a downtown Hispanic-owned business.

Police said a Hispanic man came to them in July with forged documents and volunteered to help police by purchasing more from Bravo-Rivera, a Peruvian national who was living here under the name Gabriel Angel Cruz.

Bravo-Rivera allegedly made forged documents, while Olvera-Uribe was having them made in another state, police said.

More than 30 people have been charged with possessing phony documents during the course of the investigation, according to police.

Frisby said the new charges against Bravo-Rivera stemmed from 95 pieces of evidence seized during a search of his home. Those included six Social Security cards under various names, two New Jersey identification cards, a Mexican driver's license and two resident alien cards.

Also seized in the search were a computer, formatted diskettes, a laminator and other equipment and materials "required for producing good quality forged ID cards," according to the affidavit.

Investigators with the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor were in Chambersburg Monday to interview Bravo-Rivera and Olvera-Uribe at Franklin County Prison about possible violations of federal laws, Frisby said.

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