$500 for family fun

Hagerstown family wins annual landmarks contest by finding all of the clues

Hagerstown family wins annual landmarks contest by finding all of the clues

August 14, 2005|By JULIE E. GREENE

Gera Faith and her family are going to have a family picnic or crab feed.

They can certainly afford the crabs after winning The Herald-Mail's ninth annual landmarks contest, earning them $500.

The winning team consisted of Faith, her parents, Bill and Jo Anne Myers, and Faith's sister, Megan Unger.

"I don't like crabs, but I'll let them do that because everyone else does. Maybe they can throw me a steak on the grill or something," said Jo Anne Myers, 52, of Hagerstown.

The family's entry was one of 17 that had the correct answers and won via a drawing. The newspaper received 102 entries for the ninth annual landmarks contest.


Fifty entrants found eight of nine landmarks and had the right bench for the last clue but the wrong location.

The photo of the bench leg had the bench in a grassy setting, near Potomac Towers. Similar benches were found near the Antietam Call Center on North Potomac Street, on a front porch on North Locust Street, beside a house on Hager Street and in the garden behind 131 N. Potomac St., the John Wesley United Methodist Church office building.

Faith, 29, of Hagerstown, said her family has always said they'd have a family gathering if they ever won the landmarks hunt.

"We've been doing it every year since the first year it was out," said Faith, a sales assistant at Ferris, Baker Watts in downtown Hagerstown.

The family began its search on Sunday, July 24, the day the first five landmark clues were published.

The last clue they found was the ironwork design in the railing at the Women's Club on South Prospect Street.

Bill and Jo Anne Myers found that clue when driving down South Prospect Street on Saturday, Aug. 6.

"Just riding through there, about the same time we said 'What was that?'" and drove around the block a couple more times to be sure, Jo Anne Myers said.

It was when Bill Myers was looking for the ironwork that he discovered "Leroy" carved in concrete on the side of the City Farmers Market building, he said.

"Quite a few times we thought we had the wrong places," he said.

The first time they stopped at 19-23 W. Antietam St. because they saw diamond-shaped tiles in the brick building, they saw only a pattern of three tiles.

"We didn't look at the top of the building where the four of them were," said Bill Myers, 53.

Unger, 22, of Halfway, spotted the clover design on First Presbyterian Church at the corner of West Washington and South Prospect streets.

"We were driving around looking and I just looked up and said, 'Hey, that's the clover,'" Unger recalled.

Faith said the family did not get frustrated in its search.

"We always play for fun. We figure if we don't win, we had a good time doing it," she said.

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