Despite pay error, most teachers to stay

August 13, 2005|BY TARA REILLY

Forty of the 71 newly hired Washington County Public Schools teachers who will receive more money this school year than their positions actually pay have agreed to stay with the school system for this school year.

The teachers will receive $600 to $6,000 more this year because of an administrative error, but the extra pay will be eliminated the following year.

Human Resources Director Ed Lynch said Friday he anticipates the rest of the teachers will agree to sign with the school system by the time teachers must report to work on Aug. 18.


Public Information Officer Carol Mowen said the teachers who don't sign the forms will not lose their jobs with the school system.

"They don't have to sign that worksheet," Mowen said. "That's to assure us they won't leave. But if they don't sign it, it doesn't mean they can't show up to work ..."

The 40 teachers who agreed to remain signed forms saying they acknowledged and understood the pay error and agreed to stay, Mowen said.

The school system opened its Human Resources Department on Friday from 9 a.m. to noon so teachers could have the opportunity to discuss the error.

Lynch said five teachers stopped by Friday and all five signed the forms and agreed to stay.

Lynch and Mowen said if teachers choose to leave Washington County, the school system would recruit other teachers to fill the positions.

The school system still is hiring teachers for the new school year, Mowen said.

Claude Sasse, the president of the Washington County Teachers Association, said in a voice mail message that the association probably would release comments about the situation early next week.

Staff writer Andrew Schotz contributed to this story.

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