August 05, 2005

Bradley Hott, 13851 Sunrise Drive, Hagerstown, to Hunter T. Vest, for $139,000.

Jeffrey L. and Barbara D. Shoaf, 325 E. Magnolia Ave., Hagerstown, to Jeffrey L. Shoaf, for $10,000.

John D. Morgan, 340 S. Locust St., Hagerstown, to Kevin W. May, for $71,400.

Emory E. Workman III, 13865 Cresspond Road, Clear Spring, to Victor A. Wyant and Richard M. Wyant, for $104,900.

Isaac Shanholtz, lot 57, west side of Georgia Ave., Hager Heights, to William R. and Cathy R. Watkins, for $95,000.

Michael A. and Christine L. Morrison, 10604 Bushwillow Way, Hagerstown, to Steven and Gloria Walther, for $225,000.

Home Construction Corporation, 217 Montclair Court, Hagerstown, to Annie L. Royster, for $208,230.

Walnut Point Road Partnership, 15939 Hosta Drive, Hagerstown, to Janice M. Cruz-Dejernett and JaMario A. Ganaway, for $168,738.

Jack Kindsvatter, PR of the estate of Virginia Kindsvatter, 18937 Orchard Terrace Road, Hagerstown, to Noble LLC, a Maryland Limited Liability Company, for $400,000.


Steven E. and Candy S. Mattax, 13007 Orchid Drive, Hagerstown, to William Leo III and Carla Yvette Beckward, for $225,500.

Randy S. Gilliam, 1204 Glenwood Ave., Hagerstown, to Christopher P. Monroe, for $137,900.

Michael J. Hilton, 17927 Clubhouse Drive, Hagerstown, to Michael J. and Joi M. Hilton, for $186,000.

Robert B. Stone, 2 Clay St., Hancock, to Robert G. and Patricia C. Diehl, for $44,500.

Helen Marie Rice, 238 S. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Juan Carlos and Eduardo Sicalo, for $65,000.

Glory L. Huff, lot 17 - Mulberry Avenue, Hagerstown, to Fulton R. Gordon III and Gloria Mayes, for $45,000.

John R. and Bobbi J. Tomlin, 16615 Woburn Road, Sharpsburg, to James C. Houser Jr., for $100,000.

Crista R. Shoemaker, 16843 Calvary Drive, Williamsport, to Dorothy E. and Richard Werder, for $225,700.

Churchey Group II, LLC, 1885 Meridan Drive, Hagers-town, to Edward A. and June E. Livingston, for $222,779.

Steven N. Thomas, 1115 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Timothy S. Michael, for $132,400.

Laura Christine Hennessey, 61 East Ave., Hagerstown, to Maria T. Fontaine, for $126,500.

Eugene S. Albert Jr. and Ronnie E. Kline, lots 10, 12 and 20, Mountain View Estates, Hancock, to Crampton Carpentry Inc., for $75,000.

T. Tauri Group, LLC, Mapleville Road, Hagerstown, to Stanley L. and Robin A. Kifer, for $25,000.

Westfields Development, LLC, 18311 and 18318 Berwick Terrace, Hagerstown, to Ausherman Homes Inc., for $153,025.

E J Contractors Inc., 14429 Pen Mar-High Rock Road, Cascade, to Joseph R. Beeman Jr. and Laura C. Hennessey-Beeman, for $307,200.

Teresa J. Stanley, 14600 Warfordsburg Road, Hancock, to Mark Peterson, for $159,900.

Allen D. and Julie L. Beard, Alexander M. and Debra I. Moyseenko, 12-13 Downsville Road, Hagerstown, for $203,750.

Gary W. and Teresa L. Smith, 22524 Cavetown Church Road, Cavetown, to Bertha M. Oliver and William S. Baker, for $287,000.

Debra K. Thompson and Christina C. Harris, 23003 Cavetown Church Road, Smithsburg, to Gary W. and Teresa L. Smith, for $260,000.

The John R. Oliver Co., 17702 Jennifer Lane, Hagers-town, to Terry L. Porter, for $251,039.

Alfred Labib, 624 Antietam Drive, Hagerstown, to Clayton Burger, for $116,000.

Rodney J. Jr. and Tammy L. Knott, 437 Mechanic St., Hagerstown, to Russell J. Antler, for $86,000.

Joseph Charles Baka, 308 Chieftan Lane, Boonsboro, to Wayne F. and Janet B. Newitts, for $417,500.

Robert Schisler, 51 North Ave. E., Hagerstown, to Bill Simmelink, for $214,000.

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