Ag Expo results

August 03, 2005

Open Dairy Show

Ayrshire Show

Junior Champion ? Jordan Creek

Junior Reserve Champion ? Katherine McCormick

Overall Grand Champion Ayrshire ? Jordan Creek

Reserve Grand Champion Ayrshire ? Katherine McCormick

Brown Swiss

Junior Champion ? Hannah Smith

Junior Reserve Champion ? Hannah Smith

Senior Champion ? Brandon Smith

Senior Reserve Champion ? Scott DeBaugh


Overall Grand Champion Brown Swiss ? Brandon Smith

Reserve Grand Champion Brown Swiss ? Scott DeBaugh


Junior Champion ? Tessa Wiles

Junior Reserve Champion ? Hannah Smith

Overall Grand Champion Guernsey ? Tessa Wiles

Reserve Grand Champion Guernsey ? Hannah Smith


Junior Champion ? Carol DeBaugh

Junior Reserve Champion ? Scott DeBaugh

Senior Champion ? Palmyra Farm

Senior Reserve Champion ? Palmyra Farm

Overall Grand Champion ? Palmyra Farm

Reserve Grand Champion ?Palmyra Farm


Junior Champion ? Brian Forsythe

Junior Reserve Champion ? Brian Forsythe

Senior Champion ? Courtney Shaw

Senior Reserve Champion ? Macayla Wiles

Overall Grand Champion Jersey ? Courtney Shaw

Overall Reserve Champion Jersey ? Macayla Wiles


Junior Champion ? Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Junior Champion ? Denton Leggett

Senior Champion ? Denton Leggett

Senior Reserve Champion ? Denton Leggett

Grand Champion ? Denton Leggett

Reserve Grand Champion ? Denton Leggett

Milking Shorthorn

Junior Champion ? Allen Hess

Reserve Junior Champion ? Thomas Morrisey

Senior Champion ? Allen Hess

Reserve Senior Champion ? Brooks and Katie Long

Grand Champion ? Allen Hess

Reserved Grand Champion ? Allen Hess

4-H Dog Show


Subnovice Junior ? Serina Caruso

Subnovice Senior ? Debbie Britt

Novice Intermediate ? Taylor Eckel


Junior Champion ? Sernina Caruso

Intermediate Champion ? Sara Angle

4-H Dairy Goat Show


Junior Champion ? Zachery Faith

Intermediate ? Dani Young

Senior ? Laura Forsythe

Overall Champion ? Laura Forsythe


Junior Champion ? Laura Forsythe

Reserve Junior Champion ? Lindsey Beckley

Senior Champion ? Laura Forsythe

Reserve Senior Champion ? Laura Forsythe

Overall Grand Champion ? Laura Forsythe

Reserve Grand Champion ?Laura Forsythe


Junior Champion ? Sarah Reid

Senior Champion ? Dani Young

Overall Grand Champion ? Dani Young

Reserve Grand Champion ? Sarah Reid


Junior Champion ? Zachery Faith

Reserve Junior Champion ? Zachery Faith

Overall Grand Champion ? Zachery Faith

Reserve Champion ? Zachery Faith

Recorded Grade

Junior Champion ? Katie Frey

Reserve Champion ? Timothy Frey

Overall Grand Champion ? Katie Frey

Reserve Champion ? Timothy Frey

Overall Grand Champion ? Laura Forsythe

Overall Reserve Grand Champion ? Dani Young

4-H/FFA Poultry Show

Champion Capon ? Hannah Smith

Reserve Champion Capon ? Kelsie Yetter

Champion Egg Production ? Addie Frantz

Champion Large Fowl ? Addie Frantz

Champion Bantam ? Rebekah Simmers

Reserve Champion Bantam ?Rebekah Simmers

4-H Fashion Revue

Junior Champion ? Kristine Kelly

Junior Reserve Champion ? Sarah Reid

Intermediate Champion, Constructed ? Leanna Young

Intermediate Reserve Champion, Constructed ? Dani Young

Intermediate Champion, Ready-to-Wear ? Dani Young

Intermediate Reserve Champion, Ready-to-Wear ? Brenna Jones

Senior Champion, Constructed Formal Wear ? Anna Lenhart

Senior Champion, Ready-to-Wear Formal Wear ? Lauren Belliotti

Senior Champion, Ready-to-Wear Separates ? Brenna House

Senior Reserve Champion, Ready-to-Wear Separates ? Katie Frey

4-H Home Arts Champions


Bar Cookies: Ben Kelly

Brownies: Breanna Jones

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Garrett Hamby

Drop Cookies: Ben Kelly

Molded Cookies: Breanna Jones

No Bake Cookies: Morgan Smith

Peanut Butter Cookies: Morgan Smith

Pressed Cookies: Rachel House

Grand Champion Cookie: Ben Kelly


Quick Bread: Erin Corbett

Quick Bread: Morgan Smith

Yeast Bread Rolls: Morgan Smith

Fruit Muffins: Tori Owens

Plain Muffins: Morgan Smith

Biscuits: Brenna House

Coffee Cake: Cody Jones

Grand Champion Bread: Erin Corbett


Chocolate Fudge without nuts: Rachel House

Chocolate Fudge with nuts: Matthew Toth

Peanut Butter Fudge: Joel Reynolds

Potato Candy: Timothy Frey

Grand Champion Candy: Timothy Frey


Fruit Pies: Abigail Roberts

Pecan Pie: Rory McElvy

Grand Champion Pie: Abigail Roberts


Box Cake: John Sharpe

Cupcakes: Erin Corbett

Cupcakes ? not iced: John Sharpe

Chocolate Cake: Cody Jones

Yellow Cake: Rory McElvy

Pound Cake: Breanna Jones

Spice Cake: Kristin Kelly

Red Velvet Cake: Ben Kelly

German Chocolate Cake: Katie Frey

Coconut Cake: Jamie Beckley

Nut Cake: Morgan Smith

Cake made with cake mix: Ben Kelly

Ginger Bread: Samuel Myers

Grand Champion Cake: Ben Kelly

Decorative Cakes

Junior: Sarah Reid

Intermediate: Timothy Frey

Giant Decorated Cookie: Abigail Roberts

Grand Champion Decorative Item: Timothy Frey

Food Preservation

Cherries: Katherine Gomez-Kling

Whole Tomatoes: Robert Jackson II

Strawberry Jam: Brenna House

Grand Champion Food Preservation: Brenna House



Tote Bag: Kristin Kelly

Blouse or Shirt without details: Sarah Reid

Skirt: Katherine Gomez-King

Pants, Shorts or Slip skirt: Sarah Reid

Two Piece Outfit: Kristin Kelly

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