Youngsters showed talents at Ag Expo gardening exhibits

August 02, 2005

Last week was the Washington County Ag Expo.

I had the joy of judging the 4-H gardening and indoor gardening exhibits. The exhibits were well displayed and I would like to congratulate all the 4-H'ers on their displays, whether horticulture-related or not.

The gardening category had displays of vegetables and herbs this year.

The Grand Champion Garden display went to Rory McElravy, who brought an excellent head of cabbage to exhibit.

The indoor gardening category had displays of flowers, houseplants, container gardens and flower arrangements.

The Grand Champion display this year went to Jamie Beckley for her fall silk flower display. I was impressed by the knowledge the 4-H'ers had about their displays and want to encourage them to continue with their gardening.

Gardening tips

Since summer is here and the heat has arrived, here are some tips for the rest of the summer to help with your gardening.

  • Since Japanese Beetles were extremely bad in parts of the county, watch for grub damage as August and September arrive.

  • If you didn't apply Imidicloprid earlier this season, you can use Dylox for grub control.

  • Seed a late crop of spinach, turnips, radishes, snap beans and lettuce now for a crop in the fall.

  • Plant cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower for a fall crop.

  • Think about your lawn. If it is going to need seeded, fall is the time to do it. Plan for it now.

  • Turn that compost pile and water it, if dry.

  • Fertilize June-bearing strawberries.

  • Order any spring flower bulbs now to plant in the fall.

  • With the hot, dry weather, spider mites are a problem. Use a strong stream of water to control them and if they are causing damage, use a summer rate of horticultural oil or insecticidal soap to control the mites.

  • Plant evergreen trees now through October.

  • Plant hardy mums.

  • Water all outside container gardens (sometime twice-a-day watering will be needed).

Master Gardener class

Last but not least, the Master Gardener class for Fall 2005 is going to start Sept. 7 and end Nov. 16.

We will meet on Wednesdays at the Washington County Extension Office from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, there is still room in this year's class.

A Master Gardener is a volunteer of the University of Maryland

Cooperative Extension. After receiving 40 hours of instruction, the Master Gardener will volunteer 40 hours of service to the community doing educational gardening activities.

If you are interested in the Master Gardener program or need more information, contact me at 301-791-1604.

Have a great summer - and keep gardening!

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