Favored smoothie at end of roundabout trip

August 02, 2005|by Sarah Brown

The summer sun scorched my skin. My dry throat yearned for something cool and refreshing. I wanted something not only tasty, but also healthy and fresh.

So began my quest for the tastiest smoothie in the Hagerstown area - a smoothie that was good and made with real fruit, served in a nice atmosphere and bought for a reasonable price.

My first stop was the Square Cup Caf in downtown Hagers-town. I opened the heavy front door, and was surrounded by the aroma of fresh coffee and warm muffins. As I made my way to the counter, I was greeted by a friendly smile. There were plenty of flavors available for smoothies. After considering key lime and passion fruit, I ordered peach, my favorite smoothie flavor.

The freshly whipped cream made a lovely little accent and it looked fantastic, but I was disappointed by its lack of fruit juices.


Next, I traveled to The Coffee House in the food court of Prime Outlets at Hagerstown. Flavors were limited. Forced to stray from peach, I chose raspberry. The texture was perfect, but the raspberry flavor was not satisfying. The price seemed high.

I then made my way to Dairy Queen on Dual Highway. The cashier said smoothies were not on their menu, but he would whip me up one anyway. After a long wait, I received a mixed berry smoothie at a reasonable price. It contained real chunks of fruit - one mark of a good smoothie, in my book - but the added syrup was sickly sweet and made for an overbearing tsunami of flavor.

Next my search brought me to the Java Bean Coffee Bar. As I opened the door, I was awakened by a refreshing whoosh of cold air. The inviting living room atmosphere and the friendly staff made me feel right at home. The narrow range of flavors did not include peach, so I ordered strawberry banana. The smoothie tasted great but lacked the banana aspect of strawberry banana.

Next, I sampled a smoothie at the caf at Borders at The Centre at Hagerstown. Peach smoothies were not available, so I resorted to strawberry banana. The taste was fantastic, and the thick whipped cream made for a wonderful contrast of tastes.

Definitely good, but I wasn't done yet.

I made my way over to Pure Bliss, a small sandwich shop on Oak Ridge Drive. The brightly colored walls and beach-like dcor lifted my spirits a bit and gave me hope. Could the smoothie of my dreams be here? The first sip of the smoothie captivated my senses, but additional sips revealed an absence of fruitiness.

Next I visited a delightful little coffee shop called Higher Ground on Dual Highway. Unique smoothie flavors such as strawberry lemonade and apple made for a tough choice, but I stayed with my favorite, peach. I sat in a huge comfy chair as I waited, and when I received my smoothie, I was pleased. There was an explosion of peach, but it was not made from fresh fruit.

It was on to Port City Java at Long Meadow Shopping Center. The sign indicating that all smoothies were made with fresh squeezed juices and real fruit lifted my spirits.

When my peach passion smoothie was ready, I was pleasantly surprised. The exciting flavor and big chunks of fruit had finally satisfied my craving. The smoothie of my dreams had been discovered. My quest was complete.

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