Finding this gate could earn you $500

July 27, 2005

We have a $500 reason for you to check out downtown Hagerstown. That's the prize for The Herald-Mail's ninth annual landmarks contest.

Through Friday, we will publish photographic clues for recognizable spots in Hagerstown.

The 10 clues can be spotted within three blocks north, south, east or west of Hagerstown's Public Square. They are not historic landmarks, but they are relatively distinct parts of the downtown area.

We will publish close-up images of buildings, structures, walls, gates - just about anything that's a fixture - in the designated part of Hagerstown. All clues are visible from the sidewalk or parking lots.

Participants simply need to identify the images and fill in the name of the building or structure and its location on the entry blank.


Five clues appeared in Sunday's Lifestyle section. One was on the front of Monday's Health section. Another can be found on Tuesday's Next page. The other clues will be published on section fronts - one per day today through Friday.

When you've identified the images, fill in the entry blank on page C3 or a copy of it.

Identify as many as you can for a chance to win. The person who correctly identifies all 10 pictures will win $500. If there's a tie, one name will be randomly drawn from among the names of those who qualify. If no one correctly identifies all the photos, the person with the most right answers will win.

Employees of The Herald-Mail and their families are not eligible.

Make sure you include a daytime phone number. The deadline is noon Monday, Aug. 8.

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