Tv crew has Plum good reason to visit

July 23, 2005|by TONY BUDNY

Abby Kane, 5, and Elyse Kane, 7, stood and watched as their mother, Jennifer Kane, sat in front of the ABC camera on Friday.

"Good Morning America" filmed a short segment on local restaurant The Plum and its fundraising efforts as part of the Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund national campaign. The segment is planned to air the weekend of July 30.

"Its sort of weird," Elyse said. "I've never seen her be on TV before."

Elyse and Abby made the lemonade stand signs in front of the restaurant and were very proud of them.

"We colored and wrote and did everything together. It was fun," Elyse said.

Good Morning America decided to document the progress of the Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund efforts across the country, Good Morning America Washington Bureau reporter Sonya Crawford said.


The segment will feature interviews with owners Sarah Ardinger and Jennifer Kane. Ardinger, who raised money from July 18 to July 22 for Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund, plans to donate the money on behalf of her sister-in-law, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2005.

Some patrons, like Sally Widmeyer, 49, drank their lemonade and felt good about their contributions over lunch.

"Raising money for cancer is great all the time, and the lemonade is good, too," she said.

Contributions for the week were $3,052, Ardinger said.

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