Police bicycle stolen

suspect arrested in city

July 20, 2005|by ANDREW SCHOTZ


In what Hagerstown Police believe is a first for them, a man was charged Tuesday with stealing an officer's patrol bicycle as he was inside a restaurant.

At about 1:30 p.m., Officer Charles T. Streightoff left his bicycle outside Gourmet Goat II at Jonathan Street and West Franklin Street while he was inside, according to a Hagerstown Police news release.

The bicycle was gone when Streightoff went back outside.

At about 2:15 p.m., Blaine Mowen II, an electrical inspector for the city of Hagerstown, saw the man and the stolen bicycle near Bester Elementary School, police said.


Mowen said in an interview that he was driving in his truck, between inspections. He saw a man riding a bicycle marked "police" in front of him. He called his office. Someone there called the police.

Police came and arrested the man - Darrell Robert McCammon, 51, of 1524 Howell Road, Hagerstown.

Charging documents at Washington County District Court say McCammon was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and no shirt when he was caught.

Sgt. Kevin Simmers said this is the first time Hagerstown Police have had one of their patrol bicycles stolen.

Officers often leave their bicycles on the sidewalk when they're inside buildings downtown. Simmers said "it wouldn't be practical" for officers to lock up their bicycles each time.

When he was caught, McCammon allegedly said he thought the bicycle belonged to Officer Clif Briggs and he made several threats about Briggs, charging documents say.

McCammon was charged with theft over $500, referring to the Trek mountain bicycle, which has an estimated value of $1,000.

McCammon also was charged with theft under $500, referring to Streightoff's helmet. Charging documents say the helmet, which was worth about $60, was not recovered.

Police also charged McCammon with two counts of carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

Charging documents identify the weapons as a letter opener and a wood/metal punch tool.

Charging documents say McCammon also had a folding knife with him, but there was no charge connected to having that.

McCammon was released on his own recognizance. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

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