Annexation proposals are still on hold

July 13, 2005|by GREGORY T. SIMMONS

Two proposals that would draw more than 47 acres into Hagerstown city limits near Jefferson Boulevard are on hold until an agreement is reached between neighbors of one of the properties and the property developer.

The Hagerstown City Council took up two annexation proposals for discussion at its Tuesday work session. The annexation proposals, known as the Light and Crumrine annexations, were set to be introduced at the council's voting session last month, but were tabled after neighbors raised concerns over traffic and vegetation reduction.

The Light annexation would bring 29.3 acres into city limits. The property is along the south side of Jefferson Boulevard and east of Eastern Boulevard. The property developer has requested that the land be zoned for moderate commercial use.


Next to the Light property is the Crumrine property. At 18.4 acres, the land has a single house and currently is zoned for residential use under county zoning regulations. The property owner has said he doesn't plan to develop the land, and has asked that the land be zoned for agricultural use.

The Crumrine annexation is being triggered by the Light annexation through a pre-annexation agreement under the city's annexation policy.

City Comprehensive Planner Stuart Bass said Tuesday that the Light property developer has offered to provide a 40-foot-wide buffer between the property line and any development, which is 30 feet more than what would be required.

Bass said, however, that the neighbors rather would have a 50-foot buffer.

Additionally, the council said it was concerned that buildings as tall as 90 feet could be built on the Light property.

Jason Divelbiss, a lawyer representing the Light property, said last month there are no specific plans on how the land would be used, but it would be sold piece by piece and used similarly to the types of businesses along Eastern Boulevard.

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