Blast from the past

July 13, 2005

Week of July 10, 1955

Do you think you can carry a penny's worth of Hagerstown's city water?

The minimum charge for city water users is 30 cents per thousand. That figures out to 33 and one-third gallons for a cent. Each gallon weighs about eight pounds, which multiplied by 33 and one-third brings the total to about 264 pounds of water for a penny.

The FM outlet of Radio Station WJEJ was knocked off the air yesterday by lightning which struck Mt. Quirauk, where the FM transmitter is located.

The FM station will be off the air with full power for an undetermined period. However, it hopes to resume broadcasting on limited power in a few days.


Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore announced it will again pay boys 25 cents for each 100 fireflies delivered.

But if fireflies are as scarce in Baltimore as they are here lads will have a tough time making any spending money.

Locally, fireflies are about as scarce as bluebirds and to collect 100 would represent several nights of work, observers say.

Week of July 10, 1980

Merrill Lynch may be bullish on America, but Margaret Shank of Hagerstown isn't bullish on bulls.

Late Wednesday, a 1,000 pound black Angus bull, struggling to escape the taunts of about 30 youths, trampled Mrs. Shank's front yard, stepped on her dog and destroyed a barbecue grill and picnic table, city police said.

Bruce Haldeman of Greencastle, Pa., reclaimed his bull which had jumped out of his pickup truck and was chased by the boys into Mrs. Shank's yard.

It might be the "swan song" of the Great Hagerstown Fair, but the tune will be country all the way.

This year, grandstand attractions will include the formidable and inimitable Johnny Paycheck and the award-winning Danny Davis and his Nashville Brass.

Years of work paid off for Diane Fringer of Williamsport two weeks ago, when she won the sophomore ladies freestyle division at the Roller Skate Rink Operators Association regional championship in Fayetteville, S.C. The victory qualifies her for RSROA nationals in Lincoln, Neb., beginning Aug. 1.

Diane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fringer Jr., is no stranger to national competition. In 1997, she won her age group singles title when the North American Roller Skating Association championships were held in Hagerstown.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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