Live chat with Hagerstown Mayor Richard "Dick" Trump - transcript

July 12, 2005

The Herald-Mail will present a live chat with Hagerstown Mayor Richard "Dick" Trump starting at 1:00 pm today. Please join us and find out more about Hagerstown's new mayor. Questions or comments can be submitted here before and during the chat.

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Guest: Trump

Question: It has been well over two weeks since you and I spoke regarding the wording that would be inscribed on the new memorial boulevard monument

Please recall that you told me that you agreed with me that all veterans should be honored and to please wait until you could contact other people and organizations to work toward that end .


You also PROMISED me that you would get back to me before the next council session , that council session will be called to order in about seven hours and I have had no word from you .

This matter is one of paying tribute to the men and women who laid it all on the line to maintain our freedoms , unfortunately some have made it a political football and have clouded the issue with personal issues of their own.. (nuff said).

That kind of conduct should never be permitted inside a council chamber and all that should be discussed is the matter at hand. , I�¢â,¬â,,¢m sure you know that so please excuse me for reminding you.

I shall be sure to watch your meeting tonight and I will be very disappointed if this matter is not brought to the floor and hashed out in the proper manner , and I hope that MR. ZIMMERMAN will present my many documents .

Mayor Trump: Thank you, Mr. Hovis, for calling in this question regarding the inscription on the new memorial boulevard monument for veterans. I think this is an example of a great idea coming forward in an effort to appease everyone, a plan was put together and solidified with city government and the council which we thought was acceptable. And then, as life goes, a new position was put forward and it ran into some resistance. As a new mayor, I have chosen to let that monument go through as the council has approved it. I said that I wanted to get together with you and talk about another monument that would elevate and recognize veterans in the armed service that have served our country. We both agree that service to our country, knowing that as you sign up to be in the military you put yourself in harm's way, that only by the grace of God do we come home to our families from these battles and conflicts that our military engages in. So we agree, and together we can garner the community, the veterans support and continue to elevate Memorial Boulevard with appropriate memorials. Please forgive me for not being able to follow up with you quicker and meet your time schedule, but the learning curve as a new mayor has more time-consuming than I ever imagined. I'll be giving you a call in the next week to set up an appointment.

Name: Tarrie Hicks

Location: Mercersburg, Pa.

Guest: Trump

Question: It is industry standard to permit a figure skating coach, "Guest Coach" rights. Why not at "Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex"?

Mayor Trump: Thank you very much for your question regarding the Hagerstown Sports Complex. For those that have young people in the figure skating program, we have heard at the city level of your concerns, and have also talked with the Board of Directors hearing their concerns. Presently under the structure of the organization, they are a nonprofit that only rents the skating rink from the city. The city recognizes, because of the newnes of iceskating and because of the investment that has been made in the rink, that we would contribute by paying the mortgage payment but we would not involve ourselves in the operation or the management of the rink. As this issue came to my desk, I made an effort to bring parties together to allow the girls ice time so they could train for the national competition at the end of July. These efforts were not received positively by the skaters' parents, so at that time we backed off the entire issue until we get through the summer months and reevaluate what role the city would play in the continuing operation of the ice rink.

Name: Robert Keplinger

Location: Hagerstown

Guest: Trump

Question: Why is my/our taxes having to pay for the replacement of curb and sidewalk along Memorial Boulevard between S. Potomac st. and Frederick St.?The city of Hagerstown put the burden of expense upon me for such replacement at my property!

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