Letters to the editor

July 05, 2005

These people the U.S. imprisoned are all animals

To the editor:

Someday, when you see the headless bodies of our children swinging from the overpass bridges of Interstate 70, you'll owe a few senators a debt of gratitude for their successful effort to get Guantanamo Bay closed down.

When the prisoners are taken out of there, the big question will be where to put them. No problem - send them to California where they'll have no trouble finding liberal judges to put them on the street. That is, after millions of taxpayer money has been spent hiring top-notch lawyers to at least get them out on bail.

Our armed forces have put their lives on the line, taken shrapnel in their bodies and lost limbs capturing these animals to keep them off the streets of America. (I use the term "animals" with appropriate apology to my dog and cat.) When are people going to wise up to the fact that these are mean people, not the normal human beings we are accustomed to living around?


It is so obvious that it is their strategy to play on the compassion and humanity of the American people with these tall stories about abuse at GITMO. They would do just about anything to make our soldiers look bad and political hacks in this country are falling for it.

M.M. Hill

Chambersburg, Pa.

Theory has too many holes

To the editor:

This is a response to "Reese off-base on Darwinism" by Erik Burchard in The Morning Herald on June 22.

In the second paragraph, Burchard exposes his lack of knowledge of Christianity and the Bible. A professed Christian does not make a Christian.

The word of God and the Bible makes a Christian. The Bible states God created each species after its own kind, which makes natural selection a hoax in relation to evolving transitional forms of life. This means no Christian believes in evolution transcending from one kind to another as Darwinism proposes.

Charles Darwin stated if it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive slight modifications his theory would absolutely break-down.

Micromolecular biology has uncovered scientific discoveries through modern technologies and advancements that the single cell is so complex it staggers the imagination and is not subject to slight changes that could produce any transitional forms of life.

What liberals fail to realize is that stupid and inane comments are not confined to any views of James Dobson and Pat Robertson.

Phillip M. Snider

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Kids need positive care

To the editor:

As a parent of two children who are now in their 20s, it is mind boggling to reflect upon the number of hours spent parenting. Bedtime stories, trips to the library, trips to sporting practices and games, trips to choir and drama productions, trips to the zoo and the Maryland Science Center add up to hours one is unable to compute.

I am not complaining.

I feel it is very important to give children the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities so they can select the ones most suited to their personalities.

I feel some parents try to steer their children toward activities that they as parents were involved in.

I have one son who was involved in four activities until he found his passion in the fifth one. Parents need to trust their children's judgment and give their children leeway to find their passion.

I realize there are some parents who say, "I cannot become involved in any more activities." I also realize parents do have to set limits and ask children to select a reasonable number of activities.

In closing, children need positive stimulation and parents are responsible for giving their children activities to participate in.

Meredith Fouche


A great day of music

To the editor:

Those of us who attended the concert of the Williamsport Community Band on Sunday, May 15, enjoyed an exceptionally good performance. Very talented musicians performed difficult and beautiful numbers. The director, Susie Kunkle, brings out the best!

The auditorium at the high school had a good crowd, but shame on you Williamsport folks who did not turn out to support this wonderful group of musicians.

You missed a great afternoon of good music.

Frances Michael


Now nobody's home is safe

To the editor:

Thanks to our robed masters on the U.S. Supreme Court, we are all basically renters now. Oh, the deed may still list Mr. and Mrs. Harry Homeowner as the property owners, but if the logic of the Kelo v. New London decision means nothing else, it means that you don't really own your property.

Given all the local debate over how and what to do in order to turn Hagerstown into a wonderful place to live, this decision may provide an idea of just what may come to pass.

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