Town of Bath Council OK's new committee

July 02, 2005|by TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - A new council committee unanimously was approved Friday by the newly elected Town of Bath Council at its first meeting of fiscal year 2005-06.

A grant committee, which will be chaired by newcomer Tom Hall, was added to the six existing committees. Mayor Susan Webster said the town needs to "search and apply for more grants, and it takes a lot of work."

Garnet Marsh, the new town recorder, will head up the Cemetery committee, Nancy Harvey will continue to chair Ordinance, Webster is the chairman of Berkeley Springs Water Works, newcomer Kenny Easton will head up Public Works, Dale Lutman will chair Public Safety and David Crosby will continue to chair Finance.


The council also approved signing a contract with the West Virginia Department of Highways to allow them to set the three town traffic lights on U.S. 522 to the same timing pattern. That will help traffic flow better through town, Bath Police Chief Tony Lynch said.

Webster said the state owns the traffic lights, but the town is responsible for maintenance. The only increase in cost is the price of the bulbs required for the new timing device. They are more expensive, Lynch said.

Lynch is interested in adding a drug-sniffing dog to the department. Webster said there will be a special council meeting on July 7 at 5 p.m. at Town Hall to see a demonstration of a drug-sniffing dog. A police officer with a dog is coming from Charleston, W.Va., and will show the council "what the dog can do," Webster said.

Marsh asked about the expense of having a drug-sniffing dog for the town, and Lynch said that would be discussed at the meeting.

Lynch said if there are suspected drugs in a car that is stopped, the police have to get the consent of the driver before the car can be searched.

"But if the dog indicates there are drugs, the police will have the right to search," he said.

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