Older alien movies among teens' favorites

June 28, 2005|By JULIE E. GREENE

"Independence Day," released nine years ago, was mentioned by three teens as their favorite alien movie.

Brandon Harrell, 16, liked the patriotic tone and how humans defeated aliens.

Chris Michanco, 15, said it was good because it starred Will Smith and had creepy-looking aliens.

Adam Collins, 14, just liked it "because it's cool."

Caroline Kreiger, 14, liked "Men in Black" because the aliens were "funky looking and when you shot them they were gooing everywhere."

Sisters Maisheda, 16, and Lakourdjai Lee-Lucas, 12, both liked "Mars Attacks!" because it was comical. That movie also was released in 1996.


Friends Miriam Briceño, 16, and Wanda Garcia, 15, also liked "Mars Attacks!" because it is funny and exciting.

Holly Culbertson's favorite alien movie is "Stargate" for how it ties science and ancient history together. The 13-year-old also watches the television show, which features a variety of aliens as a team of soldiers and scientists travel to other worlds through a stargate.

Several teens preferred movies with scarier extraterrestrials.

Tristan Band's favorite alien movie was the original "Alien," released in 1979.

"It's downright scary and I actually thought that was the most foreign of all the Hollywood aliens," Tristan, says. "Most look too human or act human."

The battles with bug aliens in "Starship Troopers" made the 1997 movie Ryan Llewellyn's favorite alien movie. Perhaps aliens look like those large bugs, the 13-year-old Hagerstonian says.

Ryan's older brother, Tyler, 16, favors the "Alien" and "Predator" movies.

"They killed lots of people," Tyler says.

Wade Michanco, 16, liked "Alien 3." He thought the third one was the most intelligent.

"Signs" is the favorite alien movie of Justin Cole, 16.

"You don't know what's going to happen next. You didn't know if they were going to be friendly or not until they came," he says.

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