Committee starts getting feedback on Morgan Co. water supply

June 25, 2005|by TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - The chairman of the Morgan County Rural Water Committee told the Morgan County Commission on Friday that the rural water committee is "beginning to get preliminary feedback" from the findings of the U.S. Geologic Survey team that is sampling 90 private wells in the county and the Hydraulic Center at West Virginia University that is concentrating on sampling wells in the Cold Run Valley area.

Jack Soronen previously said that the rural water committee was set up two years ago "to find a source of water enough for a backup." He said the county recognized there could be some catastrophic incident in which the town springs would stop working.

"There is no indication of any possibility of a problem, but a wise person would have a plan to have a backup," Soronen said.


Another reason for a backup water supply is to develop a plan to meet future water needs in the "areas of the most intensive development, such as U.S. 522 south and W.Va. 9 east."

Soronen said the committee will get the unofficial feedback regarding the geochemistry and water depth from the USGS, which will review the data before it officially is released. The WVU research team is "trying to understand the subsurface aquifers and how the flow might affect where the water comes out" in several areas, Soronen said.

"A preliminary report has been prepared with final results of the first-year study, and we'll have that soon and can talk of the hydrology of Cold Run Valley and the flow," Soronen said. "I would like to come back and talk with you."

Soronen said the committee is focusing on hiring a consultant to look at their information and find out where water might be found.

"We want to proceed with a plan," he said.

Soronen said Alma Gorsch, the Morgan County planner, is working on population projections.

"The focus is on where water is going to be needed and where water can be found, and how do we put these two together," he said.

Soronen said "now that it is getting more interesting," the water committee will meet with the commission more frequently for consultations.

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