Ruritan Club builds ramp for woman's Halfway home

June 24, 2005|By PEPPER BALLARD

Using makeshift ramps built for his motorized wheelchair, Kay Hager's friend has been able to get into her house, but he's broken a few boards in the process.

Thanks to the help of Maugansville Ruritan Club members, Hager now has a sturdy, legitimate ramp into her Halfway home.

Hager's friend, who could not be reached for comment, lives at Beverly Healthcare on Dual Highway and frequently takes the County Commuter to Hager's Rosewood Drive house.

To accommodate the visits, Hager's side door has been flanked with a variety of makeshift ramps ? some made from old entertainment center shelves ? that crack under the weight of the wheelchair.


"We've rigged it up, but we've broken so many boards," she said.

Which is why Hager asked a member of Maugansville Ruritan Club what she could do to make her house more accessible.

On Tuesday, club member Jerry Overdorff, 72, fitted a deck board into a seven-foot long ramp that reaches Hager's Rosewood Drive front door.

"She said she needed a ramp and I said, 'That's what we do,'" Overdorff said.

Overdorff, who was working with club member Raymond "Skip" Wetzel, said he also works for the Washington County Commission on Aging group Corporation for Assistive Technologies, which helps people make the transition from nursing homes to houses, doing "more than just ramps."

He said it took about three hours to install the ramp Tuesday.

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