Found animals

June 23, 2005

The following animals have been found by the Humane Society of Washington County on Maugansville Road. Call the Humane Society at 301-733-2060 for more information:


No. 65 - Kitten, black and white, found on Security Road.

No. 83 - Kitten, gray, black,white tabby, found on South Potomac Street

No. 93 - Kitten, black, grey, white tabby, found on Emmert Road.

No. 96 - Cat, young adult, black, gray, white tabby, found on Strite Road.

No. 05 - Cat, young adult, orange tabby, found on Sterling Road.

No. 06 - Kitten, white, found on Broadfording Church Road.

No. 21 - Cat, senior, white, black, orange calico, found on South View Townhomes.



No. 44 - Chihuahua, tan, found on Kaetzel Road.

No. 59 - Shar-Pei, brown, found on Manor Drive.

No. 87 - Spitz mix, white, found on Rhode Island Avenue.

No. 09 - Greyhound, senior, found on Washington Street.

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