Blast from the past

June 22, 2005

Week of June 19, 1955

E.E. (Skip) Knepper, the mayor of the best lit-up town in the U.S.A., hit the airwaves again this week when Tennessee Ernie on his Channel 4 TV show reported on Knepper's famed "House of Hocus Pocus," which is located along U.S. 40 at St. Paul's. Ernie read a half dozen or more items from Skip's unique menu, including the one about no tipping. "We don't pay the help, so why should you?" Skip asks.

Richard C. Munson, chairman of the Board of Water Commissioners, said the City Water Department expects to complete the metering of all out-of-town customers this summer.

Munson said the department has been installing meters along the Cavetown Pike, and where some water services were 60 to 70 years old "the pipes went to pieces when they were dug up to have the meters attached and had to be replaced from the curb to the water main.


It is not likely that any two rooms in the new Halfway Elementary School will have the same color design.

Paul Grimes, superintendent of the school construction project, said each teacher picked out the color design he or she preferred for the home room and most teachers picked three different colors for the rooms, or contrasting colors.

Week of June 19, 1980

"He would call sometimes around two or three in the morning. And he was far from juiced up. The man was low, depressed He just wanted somebody to talk to, even me," says retired 60-year-old Achille M. Burkin of 311 Pheasant Trail of his days as a White House switchboard operator.

It was during the Watergate days and the man making those early morning calls to Burkin was Richard Nixon.

"He often asked if the calls coming in were pro or con, what people were saying about him," Burkin said.

The former North Potomac Middle School will be sold at auction this summer unless the top bid isn't high enough, the county commissioners agreed Tuesday.

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