Stubbs wins Round 1 of Little League HR Derby

June 18, 2005|by JACK HILL III/Staff Correspondent

Nick Stubbs represented American Little League well during the first round of the Little League Home Run Derby on Friday night at Municipal Stadium.

Stubbs, the first of seven competitors, got things started with a bang, slugging four home runs to win the first round.

"It's fun," Stubbs said. "I'm proud because there are a lot of good hitters out there that can really hit the ball good. I tried hard to set the pace for everybody. I just felt like that I was in the proper swinging rhythm tonight. I got the bat on the ball good and I was just able to hit some good shots. I go through a good bit of batting practice at my regular Little League team practices."

The 12-year-old Stubbs, a sixth-grader at Western Heights Middle School, was just happy to move on to the championship.

"It feels really good to be in the championship round, because I'll be with a lot of people who know how to play baseball," Stubbs said. "I'll just have to take my time and swing the bat well."


The seven competitors were trying to hit as many home runs as they could over a special tape fence before recording 10 outs. Any swing that was not a home run was an out.

Brandon Burnett of National and Travis Bartholow of Hancock were tied for second place with one home run each.

The two 12-year-olds then competed against each other in an extra, five-out round to determine the second-place finisher. Burnett won that round with one home run.

The second round of the Home Run Derby will be held today at 5:30 p.m. at Municipal Stadium.

The top two finishers in the second round will join Stubbs and Burnett in the finals that will take place immediately after the second round.

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