Marriage licenses

June 17, 2005

Marriage license applications for May:

Nicholas Wayne Scott Sowers, 24, of Smithsburg, and Jill Marie Pritchett, 21, of Hagerstown

Michael Lynn Maloy, 27, and Michele Lynn Crider, 27, both of Hagerstown

Rombel Garlit Arquines, 32, and Michelle Lee Taylor, 28, both of Washington, D.C.

Daniel William Lafferty, 25, of Smithsburg, and Jamie Rae Stottlemyer, 26, of Hagerstown

Dennis Wayne Lushbaugh Jr. 30, and Cherie Lynn Himes, 24, both of Hagerstown

Christopher Andre Christie, 28, and Donnette Alexine Campbell, 39, both of Baltimore

Joshua Lynn Shanholtz, 34, and Stacy Lynn Wilhide, 30, both of Hagerstown

Ronald Lee Hoke Jr., 27, and Kristy Dawn Durboraw, 24, both of Hagerstown

Matthew Darnell Hughes, 30, and Shelby Ann Imes, 27, both of Hagerstown


Brian Stevon Kauffman, 34, and Monica Greco, 33, both of Skyesville, Md.

Jack Edward Bennett, 36, and Debra Jane Biser, 40, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Fred Aldren Wright III, 48, and Patricia Ann Sentz, 39, both of Hagerstown

Thomas John Fraga, 22, of Hedgesville, W.Va., and Christy Marie Latta, 23, of Hershey, Pa.

Nathan Paul Semler, 31, and Jennifer Sue Bakner, 27, both of Boonsboro

Aaron David Sorg, 23, and Amanda Lee Recher, 21, both of Smithsburg

Stephen Christian Anders, 33, and Laura Sue Harding, 22, both of Hagerstown

Steven Michael Hull, 40, of Fannettsburg, Pa., and Betty Lou Coursey, 41, of Maugansville

Walter Clem Vandorsdale, 40, and Valerie Dawn Miller, 33, both of Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Terry Lee Corbett, 47, and Sharon Marie Price, 53, both of Hagerstown

Robert Allen Scotten, 68, of Quincy, Pa., and Joyce Maxine Brining, 70, of Hagerstown

Aaron Armagh Cady, 24, and Deena Lee Mauck, 20, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Edward Franklin Turner, 41, and Gina Louree McCusker, 41, both of Hagerstown

William Leroy Wagonhoffer, 54, and Betty Jane Baltimore, 52, both of Hagerstown

Michael Arthur Crist, 24, and Jessica Lynn Shinham, 28, both of Chambersburg

Dwayne Edward Bridendolph, 46, and Sonia May Klinger, 43, both of Greencastle, Pa.

William Alden Stewart, 45, and Nikki Sue Tagg, 56, both of Greencastle, Pa.

James Manuel, 26, and Nichole Shakeya Wilson, 23, both of Hagerstown

Richard Oliver Petricig, 60, and Vickie Diane Presgraves, 55, both of Hagerstown

Randy Lee Smith, 35, and Michele Lee Goetz, 34, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Bruce Milburn Foreman, 72, of Greencastle, Pa., and Edna Denise Bricker, 79, of Chambersburg, Pa.

Harry Bruce Hendershot, 52, and Laurie Ann Widmer, 42, both of Hancock

Daniel Eugene Poffenberger Sr., 45, and Tammy Lynn Schilling, 35, both of Boonsboro

Aaron Ashley Stoner, 25, and Annie Marie Thrift, 23, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Jack William Brindle, 55, and Sherry Ann Marken, 57, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Richard Lynn Nixon Sr., 38, and Jessica Lynn Smith, 24, both of Hagerstown

Aaron Christopher Wolfkill, 27, of Middletown, Md., and Valarie Lynn Saunders, 26, of Hagerstown

Willie Allen Gallihugh, 23, and Jennifer Renee Coleman, 22, both of Williamsport

Jason Troy Henderson, 34, and Stephanie Lynn Springer, 23, both of Williamsport

Barry Lynn Metcalf, 45, of Greencastle, Pa., and Laurie Ann Kanzler, 45, of Clear Spring

Richard Howard Chamberlain, 37, and Debra Lynn Smith, 41, both of Hagerstown

Brett Robert Wilson, 38, and Elizabeth Anne O'Hare, 42, both of Hagerstown

Aaron Christopher Shaffer, 32, and Katie Marie Beard, 28, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Jonathan Edward King, 28, and Jennifer Lynn Bussard, 23, both of Hagerstown

Andrew James Lobley, 27, and Victoria Jeanne Kurfess, 36, both of Hagerstown

Jackson Vernon Reazin, 23, of Knoxville, and Jessica Colleen Hall, 20, of Williamsport

Roderick Lynn Johnson, 49, and Maureen McGurl, 42, both of Hagerstown

Benjamin Troy Hovatter, 27, and Amanda Lin Iden, 16, both of Hancock

Jeffrey Allen Renner, 41, and Kimberly Kay Schwartz, 42, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Curtis Lee Barnard Jr., 22, and Amanda Nicole Reeder, 22, both of Hagerstown

Buddy Luther Dickens, 24, and Deidrea Camille Green, 25, both of Hagerstown

Darrell Wayne Caldwell, 57, and Beverly Loriene Sipe, 56, both of Hagerstown

Stefan Brooks Shingleton, 23, and Jennifer Lynn Andrews, 22, both of Clear Spring

James Arthur Williamson 3rd, 23, and Chelesea Nicole Snyder, 20, both of Williamsport

Jeffrey Allan Bare, 21, and Sarah Lynn Hoover, 20, both of Hagerstown

Bradley Allen Anders, 23, and Jessica Nichole Glessner, 21, both of Hagerstown

Robert Edward Johnson, 25, and Catherine McGlone Lendrim, 26, both of Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

Paul Richard Lawhorne, 27, and Karen Michelle Norris, 23, both of Hagerstown

Grifford Dale Imler, 53, and Jill Suzanne Franklin, 40, both of Newburg, Pa.

Richard Allen Dean Jr., 26, and Brenda Lee Harris, 21, both of Funkstown

Alexander Charles Babyak, 23, and Brooke Lee Neville, 21, both of Boonsboro

John Dennis Budnicki, 21, and Stephanie Veni Kessell, 20, both of Hagerstown

Jason Elliott High, 37, and Yvette Elaine Rockenbaugh, 33, both of Hagerstown

Keith Allen Hawbaker, 29, and Kayla Marie Welch, 22, both of Hagerstown

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