Mail call from 6/15

June 16, 2005

"I am judging someone by the way they dress and the way they wear their clothes. It's very disrespectful and disgusting to see guys wearing their pants like that. Personally, I wouldn't want my children to see it either."

"I would just like to say thank you to one of Hagerstown's best kept secrets, the Broadmore Assisted Living. They sure go the extra mile with their residents and family. Thank you so much."

- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"For all you people in Robinwood and Brightwood, put this date on your calendar, June 16. That's the hearing for the new hospital. Get there, voice your opinion or you're going to have helicopters and ambulances everywhere."

"I'm calling about the comics in Sunday paper, especially the one 'Brevity.' It said, 'there is nothing I like better than skipping stones unless it's drowning people.' I am also upset with the comics. They have changed and I don't like the new ones, most of them."


"I just read in the paper this morning that more than 1,700 of our people have been killed in Iraq. I wonder why they never publish how many have been wounded?"

"Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years and I think they are more efficient than modern-day drugs which have only been around for about 100 years."

"I would like to thank whoever put the 'please' sign on the 30 mph zone. That is very nice and I do take it into consideration living in Mapleville that I slow down to 30 mph. However, the people behind me do not take the same hint and at different times there is a no- passing zone in front of my house but yet when I slow down to turn in my drive they are right on my bumper. I would like for everyone to take heed to the 'please' 30 mph zone in Mapleville."

"I would just like to say that anybody who missed the Strawberry Fest in Ringgold on Saturday should put it on their calendar for next year because it was great. The pie was great and the steamers were really good. Good job, ladies."

"I'm calling with the recipe that somebody wanted for the hot bacon dressing. My recipe says three slices of bacon chopped up, three tablespoons vinegar, one tablespoon of sour cream, one egg yolk, one-quarter teaspoon pepper, and a half teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of flour. Fry bacon on medium heat, turn off and combine vinegar, sour cream, egg yolk, salt and pepper and add the bacon. Mix flour with a small amount of water to make thin paste. Add paste to mixture, mix well. Pour hot dressing over lettuce and serve immediately."

"Congratulations to the state politicians for finally passing the law requiring tree removal businesses to have state licensing. The residents of the Free State have been demanding the action. Now the politicians should pass another law requiring anyone who plants a tree to have a state license."

- Washington County

"This is to the person who called in about U.S. 40 being paved is a waste of the taxpayers' money. It has not been blacktopped in 28 years and needs to be blacktopped."

"The United States is losing its fight with insurgents in Iraq. We hear every day that the insurgents are killing any number of Americans as compared to the insurgents. Seldom do you read where insurgents were killed. Do you see the difference?"

"I would like to thank the Food Lion on the corner of Sharpsburg Pike and College Road for its generous donation to Reeders Nursing Home."

"With the way the O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake and now the Michael Jackson trial have gone, let's just pray to God they don't move the Saddam Hussein trial to California. Why do they even bother?"

"I've been reading in Mail Call about the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq. Intelligence to Mr. Kerry, Mr. Clinton and President Bush thought that there were. However, 50 million people have been freed, rape rooms were shut down, torture chambers shut down, mass killings by Saddam Hussein stopped, free elections and women voting. The WMD story is getting old, folks. You are going to have to get a new one."

"I think the Board of Elections needs to clean up its voting list. It took me eight years of complaining to get my son removed from the voting list after he moved to Texas. I was told that people who don't vote in two general elections are automatically removed from the roles. I don't think that happens as the roles are larger as new people sign on and the turnout percentage goes down."

"I'm calling in to say that my family and I went to a little restaurant across from the tire place on Franklin Street in Hagerstown. Those people there work very hard and their food is excellent. It's worth the money and you have to try a loaded steak sandwich."

- Hagerstown

"I don't have e-mail in regards to the comics in the weekly paper. You need to get rid of 'Cathy,' 'Apartment 3G,' 'Rex Morgan,' For Better or Worse,' 'Mallard Fillmore,' 'Doonesbury' and 'SpiderMan.' You run 'Get Fuzzy' on the weekends but it's sort of like a soap opera, you have to read it every day to understand what it's about."

- Hagerstown

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