More parking proposals discussed at town meeting

June 15, 2005|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

WILLIAMSPORT - Resident James T. Jewell on Monday proposed changes to the town's parking meter system.

He suggested that the town issue color-coded monthly or yearly permits that people could buy instead of paying to use meters.

He also recommended that the town hire two part-time meter readers, who would not receive benefits, instead of one full-time person.

Jewell said the changes would help turn around a deficit in the parking meter program.

"This is the only moneymaker we have," he said.

Assistant Mayor Monty R. Jones disagreed. He said parking meters exist as a public service, not to make a profit.

"It's always a loser," he said.

Jewell lobbied to have meters calibrated, but Jones said it's OK to check them by using a clock, which the town does.


The discussion grew heated when Jones criticized Jewell for where he parks his truck and for leaving appliances outside. Jewell challenged Jones to show him the rules he was breaking.

When the discussion calmed, Jones pointed out that a new committee already is talking about changes for the parking meter program, including permits.

Last month, resident Anthony Drury suggested parking permits for residential households in which the owner lives and has paid property taxes. Other town residents could buy permits each year.

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