Class ring returned after decades

June 14, 2005|by MARLO BARNHART

CLEAR SPRING - Nearly 50 years ago, Ken Carbaugh found a 1955 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute class ring in a washroom in Fort Devens, Mass.

"No one was around and I was unable to find the owner so I put it in my pocket," Carbaugh said.

The ring traveled to Germany with Carbaugh for the next 27 months and then was tucked into his jewelry box.

A few years ago, Ken's wife Julie looked at the ring and noticed the initials "THM" so they called the school and found that the owner's name was Thomas Herman Mooney.

A computer search was launched but Carbaugh had no success tracking down the ring's owner until a few months ago, when another computer search found a Thomas Mooney on the Eastern Shore.


Carbaugh called the man and left a message. "When he called back, I told him I had been searching for him for 50 years," Carbaugh said.

Recently Mooney and his wife, Terry, were traveling to Garrett County so they arranged to meet Ken and Julie Carbaugh at the Windy Hill Restaurant to reunite Mooney with his ring.

Mooney, on the left, received his ring from Carbaugh. The ring is shown in closeup.

It turns out both Mooney and Carbaugh were in school at Fort Devens in 1956. Carbaugh went to Germany and Mooney was sent to the Pacific and never expected to see his ring again.

After a nice talk and a breakfast, the Mooneys were on their way.

This year when Mooney goes to his 50th class reunion, he will have his class ring, thanks to Carbaugh.

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