'The Price is Right' for local woman

June 11, 2005|by ADAM BEHSUDI

MIDDLETOWN, Md. - Three little words were all it took to turn Breanne Toms' vacation to Los Angeles into an unforgettable experience.

Shortly after Toms heard "Come on down," the 20-year-old nursing assistant ended up taking a boat, a sauna and a seven-day cruise to Alaska home to Middletown after winning the coveted showcase on the popular game show "The Price is Right." Her winnings were valued at $39,774.

"Half of me felt really nervous, and the other half was really excited," Toms said.

The selection process involved waiting in line.

Toms, her mother, Karen Toms, and brother, Daniel, started the day at 4 a.m. Everyone admitted to be part of the studio audience was interviewed briefly by a producer. Toms said she thinks she was picked because she acted "crazy" during her interview.


"They really do pick the people who are crazy and wild," Karen Toms said.

Daniel, 18, will begin U.S. Air Force basic training this month. Toms and her family decided to take the trip as one last vacation before Daniel had to leave for the service.

When his sister was selected as a contestant, he described it as crazy. And when she won the showcase, "It was out of control," Daniel said.

Despite losing her first game, "Hole in One ... Or Two," in which Toms played for a car by putting a golf ball, she managed to make it to the final round after spinning an impressive 95 cents on the Showcase Showdown. One dollar is the highest a contestant can spin.

"It was so nerve-wracking in front of all those people," said Toms about putting the ball.

Toms said she would like to sell her newly acquired, 25-foot boat and maybe the sauna. She said she plans to take her parents on the Alaskan cruise. The vacation package only pays for one additional person, but Toms said she couldn't pick which of her parents she wanted to take, so she is going to buy an additional ticket.

"Everyone said that they're going to pick her," Karen Toms said. "And they did because she's crazy."

The show was taped May 26 and aired June 1.

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