Sports prove that anything can happen any given day

June 07, 2005|by TIM KOELBLE

Athletes know that success or failure can hit at any time on any given day.

You can go 3-for-3 at the plate with a game-winning RBI or pitch a shutout one day, then go 0-for-3 with three strikeouts the next.

You can go 10-for-12 from the floor and record a double-double, then go 2-for-15 and stink up the joint.

You can rush for 150 yards and score three touchdowns, then barely make it out the backfield and lose two fumbles.

You can go out and shoot a 76 with most every drive, chip and putt crisp and clean, then you can't get off the tee, can't putt and come in with a 90.


Whether at the high school, college or professional level, one's individual achievements or failures can always be identified.

Seldom will an entire team have a game in which everything clicked for every player. On those nights, those who are playing well take some of the burden from those who are not. There will, however, be those days when seemingly no one can do a thing right.

And of course, injuries always play a part and lead to roles that need to be filled by the unexpected. Two such cases: The Orioles and Nationals.

Erik Bedard and Javy Lopez have been down for the count recently, but the O's have found a way to continue winning.

The Nationals aren't the most overpowering team in the NL East, but they keep finding ways to win one-run games.

And all this leads to the moral of this commentary that on any given day, anything can happen.

Did you look closely at the major league standings Monday?

Be honest now.

At the beginning of the season, would you have expected the Orioles to be in first place in the AL East on June 6? OK, That's possible.

Would you have expected the Nationals to even be remotely close to the top of the NL East? Come on, don't be foolish and say "yes."

Even better, would you have been willing to bet any amount of money on June 6 that BOTH the Orioles and Nationals would occupy first place in their respective divisions?

At any given time, anything can happen. And it has.

Will it continue? Who knows. Are you willing to wager anything on either of them being in first place on July 4?

It's possible one of them, likely to be the Orioles, could be. But I'd wager the house against both being on top on July 4.

But we won't know until then.

As long as all the good games far exceed the bad games, you just don't know what will happen on any given day.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Morning Herald. His column appears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2311 or by e-mail at

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