Swindell takes Outlaws feature at Hagerstown

June 03, 2005

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Sammy Swindell of Germantown, Tenn., grabbed the lead away from Craig Dollansky on the 26th lap and led the rest of the way to win the 30-lap World of Outlaws sprint race at the Hagerstown Speedway last Saturday after a two-hour rain delay. It was Swindell's seventh career win at Hagerstown Because of the rain delay and the curfew, the late-model feature was postponed until June 25.

"The caution there helped us," said Swindell. "Not sure if we could have caught him (Dollansky) if the caution hadn't come out. We like the track here, it is a fast one."

Swindell started fifth as Dollansky quickly jumped out in front from the pole starting spot. Before the racing settled down, Brian Paulus rolled to a stop in the second turn on the second lap, bringing out the first caution of the night. Dollansky led the parade of cars on the restart as Brooke Tatnell and Kevin Swindell tried to keep pace. By the 10th lap, Dollansky was putting the slower cars a lap down as Sammy Swindell began to close in on the bumper of Kevin Swindell. On the 15th lap Sammy Swindell moved up to third and a lap later passed Tatnell for second. As Swindell was working his way into the runner-up spot, Dollansky was opening a large lead. But with five laps remaining, Brandon Wimmer brushed the wall coming off the second turn, bringing out the caution.


On the restart, Swindell went after the leader and as Dollansky slipped up high coming off the fourth turn, Swindell shot underneath for the lead. By the time that Dollansky recovered, Terry McCarl, who started 10th, had made his way into second. A caution with two laps remaining put McCarl on Swindell's bumper for the restart, but Swindell pulled away to win by five car lengths.

Following Swindell and McCarl were Dollansky, Lance Dewease and Paul McMahan. Brooke Tatnell, Kraig Kinser, Jason Myers, Steve Kinser and Kevin Swindell finished out the top 10. Heat winners for the 33 cars were Tim Kaeding, Jason Solwold, Bradon Wimmer and Joey Saldana. Kraig Kinser win the B-Main with Dollansky and K.Swindell winning the two dashes. Dollansky set the fastest time of 15.070 seconds.

The late models were able to get their qualifying heats completed. Heat winners for the 26 cars were Roy Deese Jr., Nathan Durboraw and Andy Anderson. The feature will be made up as part of the program on June 25.

Hagerstown is scheduled to return to action this Saturday night. It will be Student Night where kids under 18 will be admitted free. The special Student Night program will have two pure stock features plus the late models, late-model sportsman and enduro dash for $9 adult admission. Race time is 7 p.m.


WORLD OF OUTLAWS (33 Cars) 1. Sammy Swindell; 2. Terry McCarl; 3. Craig Dollansky; 4. Lance Dewease; 5. Paul McMahan; 6. Brooke Tatnell; 7. Kraig Kinser; 8. Jason Myers; 9. Steve Kinser; 10. Kevin Swindell; 11. Danny Loasoski; 12. Joey Saldana; 13. Donnie Schatz; 14. Daryn Pittman; 15. Shane Stewart; 16. Jason Solwold; 17. Travis Rilet; 18. Tim Kaeding; 19. Brook Weibley; 20. Tim Shaffer; 21. Brandon Wimmer; 22. Jason Sides; 23. Lucas Wolfe; 24. Daryn Pittman; 25. Stevie Smith; 26. Brian Paulus. DNQ: Chad Layton; Cliff Brian; Justin Collett; Dan Shetler; Michael Dillman; Josh Wells; Mike Erdley. Lap Leaders (Dollansky, 1-25; S. Swindell

26-30). 33 cars.

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