Jailed burglary suspect charged with intimidating witness

April 23, 2005|by PEPPER BALLARD

A man who is being held at the Washington County Detention Center on charges he burglarized nine county homes around Christmas was charged Thursday with intimidating a witness in his cases.

Bradley Allen Wilt, 23, whose last known address was 807-201 Edward Ferry Road in Leesburg, Va., was charged with intimidating/influencing a juror Wednesday. Washington County Sheriff's Department Investigator Greg Alton listened to a recorded April 13 phone conversation Wilt made from the jail in which he allegedly threatened the life of his girlfriend, who is a witness in his burglary cases, according to charging documents.

Wilt has been charged in connection with nine separate burglaries in western and southwestern Washington County, including the burglary of a police officer's home, Alton said.

On April 15, Wilt's girlfriend, Joanie Sullivan, called Alton, who investigated the burglaries, to tell him that Wilt found out she planned to testify against him and threatened to "kill her" and "blow her head off" when he gets out of jail, documents state.


According to charging documents, Wilt told Sullivan, "She needed to call the police back and tell them she was lying. Sullivan then told Wilt that she gave investigators information about the burglary to a police officer's residence and Wilt became even angrier."

Wilt called her names and asked her why she did that, documents state.

"I'm going to kill you OK. I hope they got your phone tapped, I hope you tell them," according to charging documents.

All phone calls made from the jail are recorded. A message is played prior to all phone calls that notifies the inmate, as well as the person receiving the call, that all telephone calls are recorded, according to court records.

Wilt is being held at the jail on $300,000 bond, a jail spokesman said Friday.

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