mail call from 4/21

April 22, 2005

"I think that everyone has forgotten about Bucky the deer and we should probably name a street or a boulevard after Bucky the deer."

- Greencastle, Pa.

"I just want to thank the honest person who found my cell phone in Kmart. I had taken it out of my pocketbook to reach for a card to pay for my purchase and forgot to pick it up and when I came back in the cell phone was gone and I thought that's it. Even though it was a prepaid phone, it was valuable to me. Somebody found it and hit redial, called the last person I talked to and on that person's instructions turned it in. Thank you so much. God bless."

- Washington County

"Boy oh boy, Hagerstown must really be hurting for money. I went to Washington County Hospital and put a quarter in the meter and went in for 10 minutes. Well, it took a little bit longer. It took about a half hour but when I was checking out of the hospital I could see the meter maid waiting by my car for the time to expire which was a couple of minutes. That is so sad. No wonder they want to move the hospital. Good for you, move it."


- Hagerstown

"When Willie Mays came to Hagerstown he wasn't even going to go to the stadium until people put up a fuss and then he decided to make an appearance. Why change the name of the street that he didn't even want to walk on?"

- Washington County

"I need to talk about the person who called in about the dog in the Pangborn area. That dog is a service dog and it's not being put on the bus."

- Washington County

"I would like to thank Nancy, the lady who helped me to carry my heavy bags from the corner of Church Street and Burhans over to South Prospect. You were an answer to my prayers. You were a godsend. You have a wonderful attitude about helping people and you really are my human angel. I just want to thank you. My name is Carol."

- Washington County

"Hey, neighbor, just because the trash man won't collect your grass clippings anymore doesn't mean you can dump them in the storm drain."

"I'm calling to find out who polices the no-parking in the fire lanes at the various businesses especially here in Halfway out at the mall, Martin's, Lowe's and those places. Is it still illegal to park in the fire lanes? Has there ever been a ticket written for this and how much is the fine? It seems like the county's missing out on a lot of money it could be making with all the people abusing this law."

- Halfway

"If it's not Christmas lights, it's fog lights. Somebody needs to get a life and start a fund-raiser to go to Cancun."

- Berkeley County

"I read in the paper where Mr. Bush is still stomping around the country telling people that Social Security needs to be changed and then in the paper I read where he really doesn't know exactly what to do to change it and he's going to have another study done. Is this another flip-flop?"

- Washington County

"I want to add about 9/11 that we must not forget the first thing that Bush did was order a plane to fly around and pick up his Saudi friends to get them out of the United States. He was more concerned about their safety first. Let's not forget about that."

- Clear Spring

"As parents, we have a hard task of explaining to our children what has happend at the ice rink. We have not been given any logical reason of why this is happening. These children are devastated, grades are coming down. They are not sleeping, they are not eating. No one can give them any justification of why they are being punished. If the City Council cannot give it to them and the individuals at the rink cannot give it to them and the general public cannot give it to them who is going to answer to these children?"

- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'm calling pertaining to the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex. Please look into the eyes of each and every one of the children. Take a few moments and come out and watch them skate their last skate. Watch them fly through the air and do jumps and spins. Watch them hug their coach, show love and compassion and know that on your account you extinguished all hopes and dreams they ever had."

- Inwood, W.Va.

"I was shocked by the ignorance in Monday's Mail Call. The person who said they were a nurse in Vietnam and said that the servicemen were there by choice. Actually, most of the servicemen were drafted. That wasn't a choice. They were born in America and they were drafted. Most would never had gone to Vietnam or anywhere else if they hadn't been drafted. What a foolish thing to say and what total disrespect for the people who served in Vietnam. Many were poisoned by the government."

- Sharpsburg

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