Waynesboro council discusses summer pool rules

April 21, 2005|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Councilman John Cook wondered if someone is caught at Northside Pool this summer with a gun, alcohol or drugs or has caused major vandalism why they should be banned from the pool only for the summer.

"Why let them back in at all?" Cook asked.

The question came up during the Waynesboro Borough Council's meeting Wednesday as members were discussing the rules and regulations that will govern behavior at the municipal pool this summer.

The target date for opening the pool is Memorial Day. It closes at the end of the Labor Day weekend, Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said.


The regulations adopted Wednesday said possession of firearms, explosive devices, weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs will result in termination of pool privileges "... for the summer."

Such violations also could bring criminal prosecution, the rules said.

It would be up to borough police to bring any criminal charges, council members said.

According to the rules, the penalty for trespassing when the pool is closed, or "fence jumping," would mean a summer-long ban. Vandalism, depending on the severity, could mean as little as a weeklong ban from the pool.

Cook said anyone caught vandalizing the pool should be banned forever.

"These are policies, not the law," Hamberger said.

Other violations that would bring police in include disorderly conduct, fighting and stealing.

Swearing will keep a patron out for a week.

There is also a dress code, of sorts. Clothing displaying references to drugs or alcohol, obscene language or pictures, and racial, sexual or double messages are prohibited.

Attire on the decks and in the water is limited to standard swimsuits. Banned are cutoff shorts and diapers.

The pool will be closed for designated 10-minute to 15-minute breaks every hour.

The regulations will be reviewed at the end of the season to see if revisions are needed.

Erin Stoops has been hired as pool manager for the year.

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