Letters to the editor - 4/19/05

April 19, 2005

Magazine stands on its own merits

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the letter from Eric Hurd that was published on Wednesday, April 6.

While we acknowledge that Dick Trump's association with Hagerstown advertisers (as its co-publisher) could be perceived by some as a conflict of interest if he is elected mayor of Hagerstown, Trump, co-publisher Kate Rader and the rest of the magazine staff want to assure voters that we will adhere to the high ethical standards to which we hold ourselves and our publication.

We also believe that the magazine stands on its own merit. Local businesses will advertise in the magazine because of the exposure they receive in a high-quality, glossy publication that's been warmly embraced by readers in our community - not because of its management.

Finally, "Hagerstown: The Best of Life in Washington County" is apolitical. Regardless of the outcome of the mayoral election, we are committed to providing entertaining, informative and enlightening editorial content for our readers and maintaining strong and ethical relationships with our advertisers.


Kate Rader
Dick Trump
Hagerstown Magazine

Support the ethanol plant

To the editor:

I am writing to voice my support of the ethanol plant proposed for our area. We have been given the opportunity to make positive changes in our local economy, environment and national security. Ethanol is a renewable fuel with the following benefits:

· Local economic boost to agriculture, transportation, tourism, banking and finance.

· The ethanol plant will increase our local tax base.

· The ethanol plant will increase employment.

· Ethanol is a clean industry with a renewable supply coming from our annual corn crops.

New technology gives us the power to decrease our reliance on foreign energy. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that 97 percent of the energy needs for transportation are currently provided by petroleum - most of it provided by the Middle East.

Ethanol can help reduce this dependence. Our nation needs a diverse supply of domestic, clean-burning transportation fuels.

We can be a part of the solution on world energy supply right here in Franklin County, Pa. We can do this with the help of one of the leaders in productivity - the American farmer.

The past has shown us that petroleum, nuclear and coal energy have created negative by-products. This renewable alternative energy of the future provides clean-burning, nontoxic co-products. These products will have a positive replenishing effect on our local economy and environment.

Today we can better utilize Letterkenny by building a clean energy plant right here in our back yard. Our children and grandchildren will be either paying the cost of our resisting change or benefiting from domestic energy development. Love a farmer support ethanol.

James A Twigg
Fayetteville, Pa.

Toll roads are sneaking up on us

To the editor:

The issue of toll booths on existing interstate highways is being debated in the U.S. Senate. HR3 already passed the House of Representatives a few weeks ago with a toll-road provision. Tolling interstate highways would be devastating to the American economy.

Seventy-six percent of America's freight moves by trucks and the cost of tolls would get added to the cost of shipping. The extra cost would get passed along to the consumer at the grocery store, retail store or anything you buy that is moved by a truck.

Toll roads will affect everyone in this country. You will see all prices go up and your money won't buy what it used to. Prices at the stores have been creeping up due to the higher fuel cost for transportation. Add toll roads to this and it would really raise prices. I really feel for poor people and folks on fixed incomes who will be paying higher prices.

President Bush said he would sign the highway bill with toll road provision for existing interstate highways. Everyone needs to call the two senators in their home state and tell them to vote no on tolls on existing interstate highways. I'd like to thank Rep. Roscoe Bartlett for voting against toll road provision in HR3.

Locally, the Mack Trucks plant and the trucking industry pour in millions of dollars each year in our local economy. Toll roads would hurt these businesses and hurt everyone who works and lives in the Hagerstown area and the United States of America.

Randy Alt

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