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April 16, 2005
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In contrast, we see all the courts and medical experts condemning Schiavo to death by starvation because they judge her life meaningless by their standards. Terri was completely healthy except for the handicap of a damaged brain. The court said that even if she were found to be able to take water or nutrition by mouth, caregivers were prohibited from doing that.

It was a crime to so much as moisten her lips with water. Her parents were denied the opportunity to care for her. Only her husband, who was living in a relationship with another woman, was allowed to determine her fate.

He had the help of judges who should be defending her inalienable right to life and doctors who say that her life is worthless and that she feels no pain while at the same time telling us that they have no idea of what is going on in the mind of such persons.


All those who think this was a "kindness" better check on the bills like the one going through West Virginia legislature that would allow doctors to unilaterally kill you by withholding treatment they decide is useless and expensive for the state and the insurance companies. The culture of death is out to get you.

Richard Giovanoni

Bruchey answers a question about city/ county ties

To the editor:

(Editor's note: Because former Hagerstown Mayor Robert Bruchey did not win the city primary, The Herald-Mail is not asking him candidate questions.

However, he is being allowed to answer those questions on this page, as long as he limits his answers, as other canddiates do, to approximately 150 words.)

Q. Define the current working relationship between city and county governments and what you would do to improve that relationship.

A. The inability of this administration to meet and iron out differences with the county is only one reason for new leadership in the mayor's office.

One-on-one lunches with Commissioners President Greg Snook have produced nothing significant.

The 2-plus-2 meetings have produced little progress in uniting the two governments on a common goal.

Richard Trump and the Trump machine's reply in the paper of a "combined vision" is just as he said, priceless.

Only in this instance priceless means not worth it at any price. His response once again sounds like an AMWAY commercial - political rhetoric with no direction or vision.

I would mandate bi-monthly meetings be held with both full bodies. Such was the case during my administration. We didn't always agree but we met and discussed important issues.

That is how the very first transfer of sewer flow came about. This transfer gave the county revenue and increased the city's capacity, a win-win for both.

Robert Bruchey, candidate for mayor of Hagerstown

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