Blast from the Past

April 13, 2005

Week of April 10, 1955

The City of Hagerstown will enforce the anti-weed ordinance this summer. City Engineer Claude Williams was advised that when complaints are received of weeds over 12 inches high in the city, the police department will notify property owners to cut them. If property owners do not take immediate action to cut the weeds, the Street Department workers will then cut the weeds and bill the property owners at an hourly rate or a minimum of $10.

Frank Carbaugh, now of 329 Central Ave., brought to this newspaper office a commemorative coin which he found 12 years ago when he lived with his parents on Roessner Avenue in Halfway.

Discovered while Frank was spading the garden in the back yard, the coin is about the size of a silver dollar, made of a light-weight metal (possibly pewter). The coin, now about 80 years old, was struck in 1876. On its front is an engraving of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Its reverse side states: "United States of America in Commemoration of the Centennial of Colonial Independence 1876.


The Safeway Company, which operates one of the largest chains of supermarkets in the country, is interested in building stores in the Hagers- town area. Several months ago, it became known that the big chain is looking for three sites here, each to be of three or more acres.

Week of April 10, 1980

It doesn't happen often, but it did in District Court Wednesday. A man, old and wizened, pleaded guilty to a vagrancy charge and actually asked for jail time. The judge obliged.

Judge J. Louis Boublitz, who knows the man from past court appearances, asked how long he wanted to go in (jail) this time. The man said 60 or 90 days, in fact 90 would be better. The judge sentenced him to 89 days behind bars and the old man left the courtroom with a smile on his face.

City, county and state officials gathered together Wednesday for the ground-breaking ceremony and offered praise and prayer for Hagerstown's $20 million water pollution control plant project. City officials said the project will make the city a leader once again in the field.

Hagerstown's annual spring cleaning will take place the week of April 21.

Garbage collectors will pick up virtually anything, including the kitchen sink, as long as its bundled or in containers. Inspectors also will make random building and block checks to make sure yards are cleared of undue litter.

- Complied by Jean Baraclough

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