Washington County briefs

April 13, 2005

Employees named county 'heroes'

Thirteen Washington County employees and the Budget and Finance Division were recognized Tuesday by the County Commissioners as being county "heroes."

In addition to handing out the awards, the commissioners proclaimed this week National County Government Week.

The employees who received the awards were: Deputy Benjamin Cooper Jones, Deputy 1st Class David Ronald Norford and Deputy 1st Class Scott Wayne Buskirk of the Sheriff's Department's Patrol Division; nurse Madonna Kelly, medical assistant Shannon Rasy, Deputy 1st Class Brian Merck and Deputy 1st Class Mary Jane Blickenstaff of the Washington County Detention Center and the center's contractual medical service provider, Prime Care Inc.; Diane Mongan of the Highways Department; Scott Hobbs of the Engineering Department; Janet Moats and Phillip Ridenour of Hagerstown Regional Airport; Tina Rupert of the Division of Public Works; and Annajean Bitner McKnight of Human Resources.

The entire Budget and Finance Division, with the exception of director Debra Murray, also received the award. Murray nominated the division.

Department heads ask for funding

Washington County department heads have asked the County Commissioners to pay for 24 new positions and reclassify 29 others, which would cost about $700,000.

Human Resources Director David Hankinson presented the requests Tuesday to the County Commissioners.

The position requests include a full-time assistant county attorney, a deputy sheriff for the Patrol Division, three Detention Center deputies and a deputy director of Public Works.

Proclamation names Victim's Rights Week

The Washington County Commissioners on Tuesday proclaimed this week as Washington County Victim's Rights Week.

The week allows the county to show its support for crime victims and those who serve them, according to information provided by the county.

It also educates county residents about violence, victimization and the importance of support for victims' rights and services, according to the information.

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