Letters to the editor

April 13, 2005

Negative politics must end right now

To the editor:

I was both shocked and dismayed to read candidate Dick Trump's remarks regarding myself and the three fine elected officials I have worked with on the 2-plus-2 committee for almost one year.

Both Trump, The Herald-Mail and myself all have at least one thing in common - we all are employed in professions where words and language are important. I give Trump credit to for understanding what the word "pander" means, and its explicit accusation in the manner in which it was used.

This committee was not started by us. The four of us were asked by representatives of the Hagerstown-Washington County Economic Development Commission to engage in this process for good reasons. We have spent untold hours in developing good relations between the two governments.


Our meetings have produced substantial results. I invite frank discussion of issues. I invite disagreement. I reject personal attacks on my integrity and will not engage in that kind of reprehensible campaigning.

I also will not sit idly by and allow it to happen. Mr. Trump: I expect an apology. I say to my fellow citizens: Look up the word "pandering" in the dictionary and join me in rejecting this type of politics now.

Lewis C. Metzner

Vegetative life is no life at all

To the editor:

Despite what Millard E. Stone Jr. "believes," these are the facts: Brain dead means a body requires artificial/mechanical/medicinal means to support all bodily functions (heart, lungs, kidneys). It ultimately results in death.

Persistent Vegetative State means lack of thought processes, lack of emotions and feelings, and lack of controllable body movements. It requires some artificial system support, such as tube feedings or IV nourishment. The body (shell) can survive on and on with sustenance. Is this life? Not in my book.

Existence does not define living. Recovery from PVS is not possible. Given these facts, no one in their right mind would make a conscious decision to exist in this condition. There is no purpose. Existing without living is pointless.

Do not lump Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and other diseases or retardation with these types of brain destruction. Hundreds of families and doctors make decisions every day to end such an existence. Those decisions do not belong in the media, the courts, the Congress or the executive offices. The spouse, if there is one, is the only relation who should participate in the process.

The Schindlers had no right to project their selfish, emotion-filled desires into Terri Schiavo's existence unless she had been single. And why would any parent want their child to continue in that condition? Life is for the living. All the love in the world can't restore life to a dead brain or a vegetable.

Lynn E. Riner, RN
Hedgesville, W.Va.

Campaign was worth the effort

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with my campaign for mayor of Hagerstown. I wish to thank my campaign workers; even though we were underfunded we put forward a good campaign that focused on issues and what we could do for the people of Hagerstown. For those who could not vote as a Republican this time, I am sorry I couldn't carry the victory home for you. I thank you and your support will never be forgotten.

I would like to congratulate Dick Trump on his victory and his well-organized campaign. I would also like to thank Bob Bruchey for his words of encouragement during the campaign and his consideration.

To each of the other candidates, winners and losers alike, I enjoyed meeting you and talking with you. I admire the commitment each of you has undertaken to serve the public.

For those going forward in the general election, I wish you the best of luck. For those who are not going forward, we tried and your efforts were worth it. If you made one person become more interested in what is happening in Hagerstown, it was all worth it.

I have been asked what is next. After some careful thought and thanks to the encouragement of Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, I have decided that I will run for County Commissioner in next year's election.

I have felt and do feel that my plans and ideas can benefit all people in Washington County. When the time comes, my campaign will be well-organized and ready. We will continue the message so prevalent in my campaign - that everyone needs to be represented no matter who you are or what your affiliation. I will not compromise on that belief.

Please remember to get out and vote in May. It doesn't matter who you are voting for; democracy only works if you use it. Let's make sure we all use it. Thank you and until we meet again God bless and keep you all.

Tony Campello

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