Council votes to change bulky trash collection in Waynesboro

April 07, 2005|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Two years ago, the last time bulky trash was picked up in Waynesboro, "a mountain of trash" was left on a Second Street sidewalk by people from out of town.

On Wednesday night, the Borough Council voted to change the way local residents get rid of their old sofas, chairs, TV sets, refrigerators, mattresses and box springs, anything big they no longer need.

Until now the council, through an agreement with Waste Management, its contracted trash hauler, would ask residents to hold their bulky discards for a pickup every two years.


The new schedule, approved by a unanimous vote Wednesday, allows residents to leave a single bulky item on the curb during the same week that Waste Management drivers pick up their recyclables.

The cost to the borough will be slightly less than the approximately $40,000 Waste Management has been charging to haul the stuff away once every other year, Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger told the council.

The new schedule will cost the borough 36 cents per household per month. That comes out to between $17,000 and $18,000 a year, he said.

The council has been budgeting $45,000 for the biennial collection, he said.

Waste Management will collect the 36 cents whether a householder puts out a bulky item or not, Hamberger said. Residents won't see a change in their garbage collection bills as a result of the change.

The borough's two-year contract with Waste Management expires this year.

He said since news got around about a change, he has received only one phone call. The caller was concerned because they had a lot of big stuff to get rid of, he said.

"It should be beneficial," Hamberger said. "People won't have to hang on to their stuff for two years now."

Waste Management officials were balking at the old system, saying it "stretched their resources," Hamberger said.

Still to be worked out is how Waste Management will charge the borough for picking up appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and humidifiers that contain Freon gas. New laws require that the gas be safely evacuated before the appliance is disposed of.

The date the change takes effect has not been set, Hamberger said.

The new schedule will end a time-honored Waynesboro tradition of sorts.

Usually during past bulky trash pickup, residents and out-of-towners cruised the streets where items were left out and rooted through them to find something they could salvage.

An even worse problem, Council President Charles "Chip" McCammon said, was outsiders coming into Waynesboro and leaving their unwanted items on the sidewalks.

"People from out of the borough bring their trash in," McCammon said. "Two years ago someone left three or four truckloads on Second Street."

"They left a mountain of trash," Hamberger said.

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