Blast from the Past

April 06, 2005

Week of April 3, 1955

The sleep of the Merlin Bachtells of Funkstown was rudely interrupted early Thursday. The entire family awakened with a start to a sound like a machine gun being fired against the house.

Upon investigation, Mr. Bachtell spotted the source of the trouble. A big woodpecker was perched on the television antenna and was trying to drive its bill into the metal frame. When Mr. Bachtell went back indoors, the bird returned to the antenna and went back to work with its bill.

When all else failed, Mr. Bachtell got his rifle and soon the staccato stopped.

The local real estate market closed out the month and the first quarter of 1955 with a record volume of sales. The aggregate value of the turnover was well over the $300,000 mark.

The local office of the Internal Revenue Bureau on the second floor of the post office has noted that there has been no rush to pay federal income taxes. This year, federal income taxpayers were given an extra month - until April 15 - to settle with Uncle Sam.

Week of April 3, 1980

The Telephone Pioneers of America, an organization of C&P Co. employees, has accepted the challenge of including blind children in the fun of the Easter egg hunt by making available "chirping" eggs, a device that allows visually impaired children to hear and locate the prized Easter eggs.

Washington County Hospital's medical staff, including 92 physicians, has pledged nearly $508,000 to the hospital's expansion fund drive.

The money does not include that expected from nurses or technicians, who will be included in a drive among all hospital personnel later this spring.

- Complied by Jean Baraclough

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