Residents wants in on borough rezoning plan

April 05, 2005|by BONNIE H. BRECHBILL

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Several neighbors on West Baltimore Street requested 10 years ago that the zoning on their properties be changed from residential to commercial, but were turned down.

Thanks to a proposed CVS pharmacy, they may finally get their wish.

Dennis Bard, whose property at 345 W. Baltimore St., is beside the proposed location for a new CVS store, told the Greencastle Borough Council Monday evening that he would like to use his property for commercial use some day, and asked that the council consider including his property in the proposed rezoning.

Bard said he works on a classic cars as a hobby, and when he retires he would like to do it commercially.


Edwin C. Bittner, 85, of 343 W. Baltimore St., said "it looks like they're in favor of changing (the zoning), so I said 'include me in it.'"

While Bittner said he has no plans for commercial use of the property, he said that someone, perhaps his children, could someday sell the property for commercial use.

Bittner's son, Joel Bittner, 341 W. Baltimore St., lives next door to him and is also requesting inclusion in the proposed rezoning.

Bard said he is concerned about the area's traffic and drainage problems.

Council member Charles Eckstine said if the zoning is changed, a site plan will be needed and a public meeting will be held before anything is built.

Council President Barbara Bock said she has the same concerns, and that these would be addressed if the rezoning were approved.

Eckstine asked Bard if he would be satisfied with community commercial zoning. After some discussion, he and council members agreed that highway commercial zoning would better suit his needs.

The issue was sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review and recommendation.

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