Mail Call

April 05, 2005

"I'm calling in reference to the photo of the woman who got stuck in her car that was in the paper. I think she should be charged a fee by the county for the time it took for having to come out there. With water like that, she should have known better than to drive through it."

- Halfway

"I was wondering if anybody had any information on the Smithsburg High class of 1985's 20-year class reunion. If there is information, can they please put it in Mail Call?"

"Here I go to the gas station, gas is $2.14 9/10 a gallon to put in my car to go to work in Rockville. I don't get groceries. I can't go to church. I just have to use my car and the gas just for traveling back and forth to work. I wonder if President Bush is happy about that. Probably so because he can go everywhere he wants to go for free and his wife is flying away the same way he is, for free."


- Boonsboro

"In 1919, World War I veterans were promised a bonus by the federal government but they never got it so they marched on Washington in 1932 to demand that bonus. They were met and turned away by Douglas McArthur. The city of Hagerstown decided to honor those veterans by changing Willow Lane to Memorial Boulevard so that they would always be remembered for their service and dedication to their country. It would be a tragedy of justice and a disgrace to the honor of all veterans to change the name of a roadway that was dedicated to them."

- Hagerstown

"I would like to say to the people who were talking about the prisoners having TVs and CD players, yes, some of the prisoners have TVs or phone cards but that is because their loved ones have sent them money to buy those. Not every prisoner has one. That is about the only freedom they have."

- Washington County

"I was reading Mail Call and I would like to know since when did God want you to dress up to come to church? I read what the pastor said and I think that is a crime. As long as the people are going to church to worship and we are all worshipping the same God, then why does it matter what we have on?"

"Three of our county commissioners seem to have formed a team and they vote for everything that requires spending money. Now it is $25,000 to study the future needs of cable in the county. We are paying five county commissioners a handsome liveable salary for a part-time job plus the county administrator and yet they can't make common-sense decisions but instead they pay for studies. They are paying a fortune to study that Maugans Avenue needs to be widened. Just visit it at 4 p.m. any evening. Please remember at election time Commissioners Munson and Wivell have voted against spending money recklessly but they are outnumbered by the team of three."

- Hagerstown

"Instead of griping and complaining for all you people who look at the Christmas lights and they are still up, think about them and think about Jesus being born in a stable at Christmas. If you think about it all year long maybe that will be able to keep you happy and peaceful and maybe do something for your neighbor or get something (food) for someone who doesn't have very much to eat or anything you can do for someone. Think about baby Jesus, born to give us a life hereafter and you won't sit around moaning. Just look at the lights and just enjoy it."

"This is to the person commenting how they were offended because the pastor had something to say about the clothes they were wearing. You are more than welcome to join our congregation at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church. We meet every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. at Potomac Heights Elementary School on Magnolia Avenue. No one will question your attire. We welcome everyone."

"In January there was an article in the paper saying there was a book about Fairchild Industries to be published and so far I have not been able to find any trace of it. Does anybody know what happened or where I can get it?"

- Smithsburg

"I wanted to thank whoever was responsible for removing that commode from the store on South Potomac Street in Hagerstown. It looks 100 percent better."

- Hagerstown

"We are now two years into a war that never should have happened. More than 1,500 soldiers are dead, many more are wounded. Our army has been short to supply our soldiers with what they need. Don't worry, our army is now on the case. They want to spend more than $3 million over the next three years to rename RFK after the army, hoping that, by supporting D.C.'s new baseball team, that will help recruits. Their recruitment is down because soldiers don't want to die. To waste more than $3 million when so much more can be spent on health care for our returning soldiers is disgusting. It shows what this country is all about."

- Sharpsburg

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