Blast from the past

March 30, 2005

Week of March 27, 1955

Caretakers of City Park swans will know when nesting season arrives about this time in 1956 how many male and female swans are in the park flock. They don't know right now how many of each sex are there, because two of the swans identified by an expert as "males" are busily making a nest in preparation to the laying of eggs.

Only when they are cygnets, or very young, can the male be distinguished from the female because he starts out brown in color, then turns white. Females are white when hatched.

A Pennsylvania motorist, northbound on U.S. 11 yesterday, forgot to stop and pay the 10 cents toll at the Potomac River Bridge at Williamsport. The gatekeeper obtained the license number and telephoned Hagerstown police who stopped the car on Virginia Avenue.

The motorist seemed astonished that he had forgotten to stop and offered to make amends. State Police were called into the picture and arrangements were made to turn the dime over to a State officer who would deliver it to the tollgate in Williamsport.


City detectives are investigating the breaking and entering of the Elite Rendezvous at 322 Jonathan St. and the theft of cash and merchandise to the value of $725 and I.O.U.s in the amount of $1,050.

Week of March 27, 1980

A 29-year-old Funkstown man was arrested late Saturday when he allegedly stole, tried to cash and then tried to eat a U.S. Treasury check for $402, Hagerstown police said.

Police were able to remove the check from the man's mouth before he could swallow it.

Butterfly McQueen, perhaps best known for her role as Prissy in "Gone With the Wind," will perform in the production of "Show Boat" to be presented Thursday at the Maryland Theatre here. The production will star film and stage actor Forrest Tucker.

Twenty-six years ago, Nick Giannaris left his native Greece to make a new life for himself in America. When he first arrived in this country, Giannaris spoke only his native Greek. "I was fresh out of high school and eager for a new life in the United States. I started out washing dishes in Harrisburg, Pa. for the weekly salary of $18," he said.

Judging by this week, he's done OK. Tuesday, Giannaris, already the owner of the successful Airport Inn, took over the Sheraton Motor Inn on the Dual Highway under a $1.8 million agreement.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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