Reading a way of life for Sharpsburg woman

March 29, 2005|by JANET HEIM

Editor's note - There are a lot of people you see around town that you recognize, but don't know anything about. People like...

Suzan Hann

Age - 50.

Occupation - Homemaker; raises rabbits and Yorkshire terriers

Hometown - Sharpsburg.

Where would you see Hann? - To satisfy her hunger for reading, Hann is a frequent patron at the Sharpsburg Library. A regular member of the library's BookShare reading group, Hann said she reads an average of 50 to 60 books each month.

The Sharpsburg Library is open four days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Most weeks, Hann visits the library every day it's open for new reading material.


The books Hann reads are a mix of those available at her library and those she's ordered through inter-library loan from other libraries around the county and state.

She keeps up-to-date on newly published books through the Internet and has a wide range of interests - from politics to autobiographies to medicine to fiction. "I like any sort of book as long as it's a clean book," Hann said.

Hann admits to having a "pretty extensive" library of her own at home.

"There's plenty out there to learn. You don't have to go to school. You can get an education here (at the library) if you want to," Hann said. "...Books open up a world of opportunity for everybody."

Hann, who grew up as an "Army brat," filled her free time as a child with reading. Her youngest of five children, Stacey, is 17 and also an avid reader who will graduate from high school as a junior and then is enlisting in the Navy.

"I just don't think there'd be as many problems out there if kids would read. There's so much to do at the library," Hann said. "...It's a good way to open up horizons."

Hann, a 1972 graduate of Gov. Thomas Johnson High in Frederick, Md., was a 4-H leader in Frederick County. She and her husband moved their family to Sharpsburg four years ago. She said she is looking into taking online college courses to become a veterinary assistant.

Hobbies - "Reading's number one. I spend eight to nine hours a day reading," Hann said. She's raised rabbits since 1972 and has raised and bred Yorkshire terriers for 10 years.

What does Hann like best about Washington County? - Hann, who lived in Frederick County for 30 years before moving to Charles Town, W.Va., in 1996, finds that the people in Sharpsburg are willing to help each other.

"This county is quiet. They're more laid back," Hann said. "I'm not in for the hustle-bustle - I've been hustled and bustled all my life. Sometimes you have to put your roots down."

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