Letters to the editor

March 26, 2005

Vote for those who'll preserve our quality of life

To the editor:

You can almost see it coming: A pro-business slate, financed by area businessmen. A gradual erosion of the Forest Conservation Act. And surveyors all over Dual Highway. The choice we are left with is common sense and common good versus ill-conceived development at any cost.

Citizens need to vote carefully and thoughtfully in Hagerstown's general election. One need only look east to Frederick and ask if we want the same rampant growth, logjammed traffic and subsequent strains on water and sewer capacity.

Don't let a mania for a quantity of business destroy Hagerstown's quality of life.

Catherine Evans

Bears aren't the worst predators

To the editor:

In reference to F. Burkett's March 16 letter to the editor regarding problems with bears:

Should F. Burkett wish to solve his or her apparent problems with the bear population, then he/she should do so by working to slow development, working to create sterilization and relocation programs for these animals. I notice that this writer feels that a hunting season for bears is preferential to relocation programs.


It seems that this writer would have us believe that his care and concern for nature is genuine, when in fact given those thoughts it seems anything but. I notice the hawk population here in Williamsport is on the rise. These birds of prey will be pulling residents' faithful small rodent friends from their yards, yet I do not feel this justifies killing these birds.

I also notice that the local blue jay population is increasing, meaning an increase in nest killings of other smaller birds this spring. This does not give me the right, though, to sit guard and kill these birds for their natural actions.

In the letter, F. Burkett states, in certain terms, that one family of bears can ruin the neighborhood. I ask the writer: Which would you rather have next door to their grandchildren, a bear or a pedophile?

The latter of course is privy to many legal protections while bears are not, making it doubtful there will be an open season on them. If we all wait long enough, though, we'll not have to worry. Overdevelopment will solve all these problems.

Randy A. Breeden

Don't let Terri starve to death

To the editor:ç

It's just my opinion, but I would be all for letting Terri Schiavo die in peace but starving her to death is not the answer!

I also believe that a parents ties should never be severed! Her family will always love her, her husband has moved on.

Carrie Kline
Hedgesville, W.Va.

Help us pass the 'Put Kids First Act' in 2005

To the editor:

A month ago I wrote to you about a program that would provide medical coverage for millions of American children who have none now. Thanks to you and the 500,000 people who answered that call, the Put Kids First Act of 2005 has been introduced in the U.S. Senate and we are closer to realizing our goal. This means a lot to me. These kids have a right to the medical help they don't get now.

We can now go on to the next level. We need to tell the story that will bring to these children the help they need.

You might know one or several of the 11 million American children who have no medical insurance. They are at risk of not getting needed medical attention until their problem becomes an emergency. You can contribute to the passage of the Put Kids First Act by making a simple phone call.

You can help by adding your voice to the "Give Voice to Your Values" project at 1-866-876-4490. Tell how you feel about the problem of children without medical insurance in America; perhaps you have a story to share. The comments you call in will be assembled and made available to newspapers and broadcast stations. This is an important voice that too many Americans don't hear, and as a result, our children suffer. Your voice will help get this bill passed.

We should not only put kids first in our society but also establish that this is the kind of value that America is all about. Children should not suffer for want to access to regular medical care.

I will continue to follow this bill through the Senate and House and keep you informed. Thank you for making this call.

Joy Dasher
Big Cove Tannery, Pa.

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