Blast from the past

March 23, 2005

Week of March 20, 1955

If plans materialize, the northern section of the city is due to get a classified branch of the Hagerstown Post Office in the near future.

Postmaster Thomas M. Simpson said that in addition to the rapid growth in population in the northern section due to extensive home building, an office also is needed because of the two branch banks under construction, the H.L. Mills Supermarket due to open soon and the new Catholic high school, to say nothing of the proposed shopping center.

If you are too young to remember, the Masonic Temple in the 1890s was located at Potomac and Franklin streets in what later became City Hall.

The present Masonic Temple building was dedicated March 8, 1899, according to the diary of the late Clerk of Court Edward Oswald. Oswald's diary, along with other memorabilia, came to light this week during the house-cleaning now under way at the court house.


Mrs. J.B. Seaman, 338 N. Mulberry St., says she can better the man who reported that he had just mowed his lawn this week.

"We've mowed our lawn twice so far this winter and today I picked a bunch of violets from the yard, too," said Mrs. Seaman.

Week of March 20, 1980

A House committee deleted 40 percent of Gov. Harry Hughes' supplemental budget on Tuesday, cutting all the money Hughes had slated for renovations to the Maryland Theatre.

By a 10-7 vote, the House Appropriations Committee slashed $75,000 earmarked for the theater, even though Hagerstown Delegate Paul Muldowney, a member of the committee, asked to keep the money in the budget.

The superintendent of the Maryland Correctional Training Center said Wednesday he has locked the doors at two prison housing facilities to prevent any more escapes at night.

Superintendent Jon Galley said he took the action despite staff warnings that it might violate fire safety regulations.

"Finally, the past couple of weeks ago when five (inmates) went, I said fire regulations be damned."

Mortgage interest rates at Washington County savings and loans have jumped by as much as 1.5 percent in the last week.

Home Federal Savings and Loan was charging 14.5 percent on loans with a 20 percent down payment and 14.75 percent on loans with a 10 percent down payment last Friday.

The largest mortgage rate jump was at Loyola Savings and Loan. Loyola was charging 15 percent for a loan with a down payment of 20 percent. On Monday that rate jumped to 16.5 percent - an increase of 1.5 percent.

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