PenMar, Role Models through the years

March 19, 2005

The following list takes a chronological look at the relationship between PenMar and Role Models.

· March 2000 - Role Models announces plans to open the school at the base to serve 535 students and create 175 jobs. By June, the relationship between PenMar and Role Models is tense.

· Oct. 23, 2000 - Role Models begins classes with 50 students, down from the 100 students anticipated.

· February 2001 - PenMar sues Role Models in Washington County Circuit Court to bar the school from installing flagpoles at the former base and also wants the court to order the school to remove two existing poles that fly the United States and Maryland flags.

· March 2001 - The Army says it won't transfer the base to PenMar until it completes an investigation of allegations against PenMar by Role Models. Those allegations were not revealed.


· May 2001 - Role Models sues PenMar for $20 million in Washington County Circuit Court, alleging PenMar misled the school about the details of a sublease it signed with PenMar.

· July 2001 - An Army official said talks between PenMar and the Army will resume regarding the land transfer. The Army found no fault with PenMar over claims that PenMar didn't offer free space at the base to Role Models.

· October 2001 - Washington County District Court orders Role Models to pay $42,366 in back utility bills to PenMar. A few days later, Role Models appeals the decision. Also in October, Role Models agrees to pay PenMar $643,044 in outstanding rent.

· December 2001 - The U.S. Department of Labor considers cutting off funding for Role Models after it found deficiencies in the Role Models program.

· January 2002 - PenMar asks a Washington County Circuit judge to dismiss most of the $20 million lawsuit Role Models filed against PenMar in May 2001. Days later, a judge throws out most of the suit.

· February 2002 - The U.S. Department of Labor says it will not continue funding Role Models when a $10 million, two-year grant ends on May 30 of that year.

· May 2002 - PenMar files a motion in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in an attempt to evict Role Models from the base. Role Models filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 10 of that year.

· May 2002 - Role Models graduates a class of five students.

· June 2002 - The U.S. Department of Labor orders Role Models to pay back $262,258 in grant expenses the department questioned in September 2001. A federal report stated the money was used for personal costs for Role Models President Robert Alexander and his wife, Janessa, the school's chief executive officer.

· June 2002 - Role Models files a $1.8 million lawsuit against PenMar, saying PenMar did not do required repairs on land it leased at the base.

· July 2002 - PenMar evicts Role Models.

· October 2002 - Role Models files a request in Washington County Circuit Court that its $20 million suit against PenMar be dismissed, saying the school lacks legal representation. The suit was filed in May 2001.

· February 2003 - The United State Court of Appeals rules in favor of Role Models and issues an injunction barring the planned transfer of the base from the Army to PenMar. Role Models asked for the injunction in a July 2001 federal lawsuit. Role Models claimed it wasn't notified that land was available to the school for free under federal regulations. The Court of Appeals ruled the method by which the land was advertised was faulty and that PenMar would have to readvertise the land.

· March 2004 - Role Models files a $304.5 million suit against PenMar, the Army and the Department of Labor, alleging the defendants engaged in a "collaborative scheme of discrimination, sabotage, and conspiracy orchestrated to disrupt, discredit, defame, bankrupt and destroy" Role Models.

· March 2005 - Role Models files an amended lawsuit against PenMar to replace the $304.5 million suit. The amended suit seeks $167.8 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

· March 2005 - The injunction barring the transfer of the base from the Army to PenMar continues, holding up PenMar's plans to sell the property to a Columbia, Md., developer.

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