Pentz's office to move to Washington Township

March 18, 2005|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Magisterial District Judge Larry Pentz will move out of his cramped offices on the second floor of the borough hall in Waynesboro, Pa., late this summer to a new building in Washington Township.

"It will be nice not to have to stand sideways to pass somebody," Pentz said Thursday after hearing the Franklin County Board of Commissioners had authorized approval of an agreement with Ronald B. and Mary B. Martin of Waynesboro to lease an office to be built on North Oller Avenue.

Commissioner G. Warren Elliott said the lease agreement runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, 2010, with an option to renew for another five years. County Assistant Administrator Kelly Livermore said, however, that Pentz and his staff of four could move in as early as mid-August if the building is ready.


Elliott said the county will pay about $3,200 a month for the building, a price that includes $2,500 for the lease, approximately $700 for utilities, taxes, trash service and insurance. The county pays $260 a month for Pentz's office now, according to county records.

Livermore said Pentz's office will be the sole occupant of the new building, which will have about 3,000 square feet of space, including offices and a hearing room.

Pentz now uses the borough council chambers for hearings.

Livermore said the new building will have about 15 parking spots.

Pentz said he believed the district judge office serving Waynesboro and Washington Township has been in the borough hall since about 1970. Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said the borough informed the county last fall that it wanted the office to move by the end of this year.

Hamberger said the borough also is short of office space and the approximately 1,000 square feet now occupied by Pentz's office will quickly be filled.

"We've had good relations with the borough. Obviously they are growing and are in need of space," Elliott said. The county had budgeted $25,000 in this year's budget in the expectation that it would have to lease office space for Pentz, Elliott said.

"Everyone in this building is starving for space," Pentz said of borough hall. When he was first elected 18 years ago, he said his office had three filing cabinets and no computers, copiers or fax machines.

He said the number of filing cabinets has probably quadrupled and storage space is "anywhere there's a place to stack things."

The new office will not have the convenience of being upstairs from the Waynesboro Police Department, but it will be closer to the Washington Township Police Department, Pentz said.

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