Letters to the editor

March 16, 2005

Humbled by your support

To the editor:

As I mentioned in The Herald-Mail article on Wednesday morning after the primary election results were posted, "I am humbled." I am humbled to be the Republican candidate for mayor of Hagerstown. My thanks to each person who came out to vote Tuesday, including those that voted for my opponents. The greatest privilege we have in this great nation is our right to vote, and each of you took advantage of that precious right - thank you.

To my Republican Party opponents, thanks for running the race; competition helps us focus and ultimately be stronger as we work through the political process. It is my number one priority to unite the Republican party in support of my candidacy for mayor, and the candidacy of the "Vision for Hagerstown" team of City Council candidates: Ruth Anne Callaham, Pastor Haru Carter, Scott Hesse, Dan Kennedy and Tory VanReenen. It is my hope that each of my primary election opponents will lend their strong support to this team in the May 17 general election.


To Democratic and Independent voters, the Vision for Hagerstown Team offers you a choice in the general election. We will be asking you for your support and vote, and showing you the difference between our platform and the platforms of those nominated to run as Democrats. We believe that difference is significant and a good reason to join us in implementing a new vision for Hagerstown.

To all of the many people who supported my campaign, either through monetary contributions, or laboring on the phone, or waving signs, or knocking on many doors, thank you. You and the voters made it all possible.

My candidacy, as you will hear more about over the coming few weeks, is all about "good government" for the residents of the city, the people who own property in the city, the people who work and play in the city and even the casual visitor who passes through the city. Therefore, I want to thank each of you in advance for your support in the upcoming general election.

Dick Trump
Candidate for mayor

Winning at any price isn't right

To the editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to all who supported me in my primary bid for mayor. Special thanks to the AFL-CIO for its endorsement and to the Hagerstown Police Department union and public works union for all their help going door to door.

I have received many phone calls asking me to run a write-in campaign for mayor. My father always said don't give up until you have exhausted all avenues. If you feel like many of my supporters do, please contact me at and let me know. You can also contact me at 301-991-1120 or 301-991-4117.

I would love to hear from you, and this will help in my decision to run or not. I apologize to the Republicans who had to suffer the negative mailer they received and the negative phone calls from the Dick Trump campaign.

It's a shame that people have to stoop to such low levels to win at any price. I was told by a good friend years ago that a half-truth is a whole lie. Please, again, accept my apology for their negative campaign. You can check out my web page at and get the real truth.

Again, thanks for your support and keep in touch.

Bob Bruchey

A shot across establishment's bow

To the editor:

As I reflect on our recent primary election, I must admit this victory is sweet - not because I won, but for the message that your votes have sent to the establishment. And, to the establishment, your vote has said, "Not business as usual."

No longer will we sit idly by and allow others to speak on our behalf about issues that concern us most, such as education, housing, child care, the job market, crime and the conditions of our neighborhoods.

Yes, together we've made a bit of local history, for your votes have said that a qualified African-American woman has our support as we strive to make a difference for all residents of Hagerstown. Your vote has been a clarion call for the acceptance of all people at the table of decision-making for our city.

And on this day, I am proud to thank you for your support and confidence in my ability to lend our voices to the political process. Our voice is the voice of tolerance, fairness and acceptance for everyone's experiences - an all-inclusive voice, if you will.

So, let's continue to stand tall and proud for that which we've accomplished together, while mindful of the fact that this is only the beginning. The general election is May 17, and we will have to work harder to increase the voter turnout to ensure our seat on the council.

Alesia Parson
Candidate for City Council

No market for bears

To the editor:

The first 18 years of my life were spent in Allegany County, where hunting, fishing and hiking took me to every part of a 10-square-mile area centered on the Pennsylvania/Maryland state line. I never saw a bear.

For 30 years, I have owned property north of Oldtown. I had never seen a bear - until last year.

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