Letters to the editor

March 14, 2005

Can you help make my child's dream come true?

To the editor:

I am writing on behalf of my 4-year-old daughter, Alexis Maryanne Fischer.

On March 6, Alexis won first runner-up at the Sunburst Beauty Pageant at the Valley Mall. The director of the pageant is Pat Welsh.

I am looking for someone or some group to sponsor Alexis' $95 program book fee or to purchase an ad in the program book. Ads range from $25 to $125. Alexis already has one sponsor - Fanfair Hair Stylists, which purchased a $25 ad. Alexis must have $150 or more in advertisements.

I would also need help in paying for a car rental, which will cost about $100. I would drive down Saturday morning to the pageant, which will be held in Harrisonburg, Va. A room for the night will be $75.


Alexis' godmother paid her entry fee to the Valley Mall pageant and also bought her dress, which we will use at this pageant. I never thought she would win!

As for me, I worked as a secretary while I put myself through paramedic training at Hagerstown Community College. I started my career volunteering at the ambulance squad in Mercersburg, Pa., when I was 16.

I also volunteered with Community Rescue Service until I was hired in 1986. I also volunteered with Boonsboro and the Maugansville Goodwill Volunteer Fire Department.

I spent 20 years total in the fire /emergency medical services. Since then I have suffered from mental illness and a back injury that sometimes makes it very difficult to walk.

Will you please help us? I know this is not as important as astronomical medical bills or the tsunami aid. This is just a request from one poor mother to make her daughter's dream come true. The money needs to be mailed to Sunburst by March 20. Thank you for your consideration.

Checks for ads need to made out to Sunburst, while checks for hotel and car expenses can be made out to me.

Allison Lee Fischer
402 W. Howard St.
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Kidney foundation needs your help

To the editor:

The Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania has launched its annual spring drive for used vehicles. Donors may realize tax savings by donating their old car, truck, van, SUV, RV, motorcycle or boat to the foundation.

The program features free towing, and both non-running and running vehicles are accepted.

Children and adults with kidney disease benefit from the eventual sale of the vehicles through the Kidney Foundation programs of medical research, patient grants, free medical alert bracelets, patient-support groups, scholarships and educational seminars for health care professionals.

Potential vehicle donors may call 1-800-762-6202 for program details.

Steven M. Jones
Executive Director

Franklin Roosevelt was one of nation's greatest presidents

To the editor:

I would like to address this letter to Mr. Wasiljov. Who does he think he is? President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the best president we ever had, along with Thomas Jefferson.

He is the one who started Social Security for the people when they retired to have something to live on.

Back in the '40s and '50s, people didn't make exorbitant pay like they do today. They put their own money into Social Security, so where do you get off saying you're paying our benefits out of your hard-earned money?

Well, back in earlier years, people didn't have all your modern conveniences, such as computers, that you have today. They worked hard with their hands and backs to do what they could to make a decent salary. Their money went into Social Security for them when they retired.

S. Barr

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