Greencastle police chief retiring

March 13, 2005|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

GREENCASTLE, PA. - Greencastle Police Chief Terry Sanders is turning in his badge after 25 years on the job in Greencastle. He served as head of the small police department for the last 15 years.

Sanders announced his retirement to the Greencastle Borough Council last month, Borough Manager Kenneth Myers said. Myers declined to comment on Sanders' retirement.

It takes effect March 18 but Sanders already has left the post. He decided to finish out his career by using vacation time.


Sanders could not be reached for comment.

He said in a prepared statement, addressed to no one in particular, "It is not without bittersweet sentiment that I have decided to exercise my retirement options as defined by Pennsylvania law for municipal police, following 25 years of service ... "

His statement said he wanted to "thank the residents and merchants of the Borough of Greencastle for their friendship and support during my tenure ...

"While we enjoyed a 'Mayberry' atmosphere here for many years that time has now passed. We must acknowledge that we live in a different time. We must prepare for, adapt to and deal with the current and future (criminal) environment and corresponding law enforcement requirements."

Sanders ended his statement saying he was proud to have been associated with the current members of the police department.

Greencastle Mayor Robert "Red" Pensinger said Sanders had been thinking about retiring for the last year.

"Terry was very reliable and did a good job. I'm sad to see him go," Pensinger said.

The Greencastle Police Department has four full-time officers, including the chief and five who work part time, Pensinger said.

As mayor, Pensinger oversees the police department for the borough council.

He said one of the remaining officers will be put in charge of the department until the council finds a permanent replacement for Sanders.

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